CRA 2018

Budgens of Islington crowned UK's best convenience store

The London-based store won the top prize at the 2018 Convenience Retail Awards

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Proudfoot Group enjoys homemade ready meals success

15 Mar 2018 | By Robin Mannering

Nisa member Proudfoot Group has seen sales of its homemade ready meals range soar since launching it in its Newby store, near Scarborough last November.

Bargain Booze

Conviviality shares suspended after surprise £30m tax bill

14 Mar 2018 | By Robin Mannering

Conviviality Plc shares have been suspended for trading on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) after the Bargain Booze owner identified an unexpected £30m tax payment due on 29 March.

IQOS heat not burn system

Government to tax emerging heated tobacco category

14 Mar 2018 | By Gaelle Walker

The government has announced plans to tax the emerging heat not burn (HNB) tobacco category.


Chancellor brings forward business rates revaluation

13 Mar 2018 | By Robin Mannering

The next business rates revaluation has been brought forward by one year to 2021, chancellor Philip Hammond announced in the Spring Statement on Tuesday.

Supermalt Less Sugar Range

Supermalt unveils first reduced sugar malt drink

16 Mar 2018

Supermalt is launching a new ‘Less Sugar’ drink in a bid to offer a malt drink alternative ahead of next month’s Soft Drinks Industry Levy.

Mo Razzaq

What's keeping my till ringing?

16 Mar 2018

Mo Razzaq, owner of Family Shopper in Blantyre, Glasgow, says his range of homemade baskets and new range of handbags have been flying of the shelves, especially in the run up to Mother’s Day.

Huel Mint Chocolate

Huel adds Mint Chocolate to flavour boost portfolio

16 Mar 2018

Nutritional powdered food company Huel is extending its range of flavour boost packs to included a new Mint Chocolate variant.

Nurishment Mojo Range

Nurishment finds its Mojo with new milkshakes

15 Mar 2018

Grace Foods UK has announced the launch of Nurishment Mojo, the UK’s first multi-vitamin milkshake.

Eldred Drive Stores

Responsible retailing: Eldred Drive Stores, Orpington Video

Anita Nye, manager of Premier Eldred Drive Stores, explains why the store has implemented a ban on the sale of energy drinks to under-16s - and discusses the importance of responsible retailing in general.


The balance of power

06 Mar 2018 Updated: 09 Mar 2018 | By Ieuan Hughes

Small stores are forced to pay more for their energy than their supermarket competitors, which makes getting a good deal and investing in energy-efficient equipment crucial. 


Keeping the figures in check

20 Feb 2018 Updated: 23 Feb 2018 | By Gill Davies

Most retailers would prefer to be out on the shopfloor rather than looking at the accounts, but neglect this important area at your peril.

Day-Today Barassie

Day-Today Barassie, South Ayrshire

23 Jan 2018 Updated: 26 Jan 2018 | By Nikki Cutler

Being new to store ownership isn’t holding back this business duo, whose combined talents have helped double sales at their first store and expand with a second.

Hunt's Spar Freshfield

Hunt's Spar Freshfield, Formby

07 Mar 2018 Updated: 09 Mar 2018

Hunt’s Spar Freshfield in Formby, Merseyside, has taken on the café culture in a big way. The store has been owned by Lawrence Hunt & Co for five years, but the company decided to add an Insomnia café with seating at the end of 2017.

Dear J@c

Jac Roper is fighting for a better deal for independent retailers

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Do you think Costcutter can retain a distinct identity once it is supplied by the Co-op?

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Quick wins to influence shoppers

06 Mar 2018 | By HIM

Mission-led merchandising can be key to driving higher basket size and spend, says HIM’s Giorgio Rigali.

Sam Coldbeck

Set an example

06 Mar 2018 | By Samantha Coldbeck

More red tape isn’t the answer to preventing the sale of energy drinks to children, argues Premier retailer Samantha.


A launch into space

06 Mar 2018 Updated: 07 Mar 2018 | By David Rees

The Booker-Tesco merger needs to be a launchpad for a more profitable and competitive future for the thousands of small businesses that depend on Booker to be a strong, stable and effective partner.

Customer experience

Satisfaction guaranteed

07 Mar 2018 Updated: 09 Mar 2018

What makes the customer experience a good one? Our C-Store Champions discuss what it means to them and their shoppers.

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