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Keep it clean, people

In this cartoon slot three issues back I recounted the experience that Jimmy Patel had when his Snowshock machine broke down at the end of January, only to be informed by the company they were withdrawing their lifetime warranty. 

Key Store More Lanark_Snappy Shopper Delivery Service

Coronavirus: Checking in with Alex Rea

Alex is currently heading up home deliveries at her father Wilson’s KeyStore More in Lanark, Scotland


Next Generation Retail

Spar Holmer Green’s Jason Sichel (pictured right) discusses the changes he is making since taking over the store from father Peter (pictured left)


C-Store Champions: Mitigating criminal damage

Four Champion retailers discuss the different types of crime they have experienced and the resulting security measures they have taken.

Hunts Spar Leyland Post office

Convenience Nation: Capturing new customers

With competition increasing and the retail sector changing rapidly, convenience stores are expanding their range of products and services.


Convenience Store’s Shop Project is an annual exercise whereby four stores are given a complete makeover in partnership with some of the UK’s leading suppliers.



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