• Pandemic legacies to change how consumers engage with food to go

  • Preparing for the future with education

  • What does the Amazon Fresh opening mean for UK convenience?

  • How has Covid-19 impacted promotional activity?

  • Is technology the answer to protecting shopworkers?

Promotional features

  • How to deal with an abusive customer

  • What support is available to you and your staff?

  • Who should you speak to about your mental health?

  • How to keep staff and customers safe during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • How to make a traffic light system for your store

  • What do retailers need to know ahead of EU Exit?

  • How to sell fireworks in your store

  • How do face covering restrictions differ throughout the UK?

  • What are the face covering rules for Welsh retailers?

  • How to prepare for looming school traffic

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