Once a frequent shoplifter in her teenage years, Leicester-born Farrah McNutt, now uses her experience to help retailers tackle the increasing problems of retail crime. 

In a recent interview with Convenience Store, she explained how her past has shaped her present mission. As a 13-year-old, I went out and I shoplifted, and I didn’t know the affect of it. I completely believed it was a victimless crime when I was doing it. That’s not the case, so I went out and I spoke to retailers and its myth busted a lot of things for me.”

McNutt now runs ‘Catch a Thief UK’ a digital online crime prevention platform that offers services to deter anti-social behaviour and detect theft in businesses.

The company has a range of services it can offer to retailers; facial recognition, artificial intelligence real time theft detection, Home Office approved body worn video and audio cameras, audio warning announcement systems, warning signs, national/local public appeals and more.

McNutt was recently recognised for her work helping the retail industry on a Channel 5 documentary series ‘Shoplifters And Scammers: At War With The Law’.