In this episode our experts explore:

The HGV driver shortage

Tesco has warned that the HGV driver shortage will lead to panic buying ahead of the festive period. It predicts that stockpiling for Christmas could be worse than what was experienced at the start of the pandemic. How are shoppers reacting to the prospect of product shortages? Our experts share exclusive data from Lumina Intelligence that analyses shopper concern surrounding shortages, shopper intentions and whether they intend to stockpile and, if they do, which categories they intend to purchase.

Opportunities for convenience

No restrictions on gatherings, will see consumers make up for what they missed last year and meet with friends and family, not just on Christmas Day, but throughout December. This offers a huge opportunity for retailers to capitalise on. Our experts dissect these opportunities and provide advice on how best to prepare.

The threat to convenience

Online multiple grocery continues to pose a threat to convenience. The pandemic resulted in a huge shift towards online grocery shopping and this remains a threat to convenience during the festive period. How can retailers continue to attract footfall and mitigate the threat that online supermarket poses?