About BrewDog

BrewDog has always had one mission: making people as passionate about great beer as we are.

Iconic classics like Punk IPA. Crowd pleasers like Lost Lager and Wingman. Boundary pushers like NanoDog. BrewDog has been brewing beer that blows people’s minds since 2007, when our co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie kickstarted a British beer revolution with a brewkit in Martin’s mum’s garage.

And now? There are more than 100 BrewDog bars across the globe. BrewDog beer exports into 70 countries. There are BrewDog breweries in Scotland, USA, Germany and Australia. And it’s not just about the beer. In 2020, we became the world’s first carbon negative brewery and acquired 9,308 acres of land in the Scottish Highlands – the Lost Forest – where we are planting more than 1million trees.

BrewDog’s future will continue to be shaped by the three things that matter most: People, Planet and Beer.

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    Craft beer: how to recruit shoppers

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    Research shows recruiting craft beer shoppers has the potential to deliver an 11% increase in total beer sales1. BrewDog helps identify the key opportunities and benefits to introducing craft beer into your store.