With one-third of retailers saying soft drinks generate more footfall in their stores, as well as the greatest sales, what further opportunities are there to grow the category in-store? CCEP offers its top tips.

Soft drinks are worth more than £3.2bn annually to convenience retailers– up 13.8% over the past year2. Almost one-third (31%) of convenience retailers say soft drinks drive more footfall in their stores than any other category3, and 32% say soft drinks generate the most sales4.

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In CCEP’s category vision, the company has identified the following opportunities for convenience retailers to grow soft drinks sales.

Energising break

A third of households buy energy drinks5, with innovation driving growth6. More than 55% of category innovation sales over the last year have come from Monster’s NPD7.

Zero-sugar energy drinks are growing by 25%8 and the Monster Ultra range is the No.1 zero sugar energy range in GB9. The new Monster Zero Sugar variant will also tap into this opportunity.

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Socialising at home

Stocking sharing packs of popular soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Fanta or Dr Pepper alongside popular snacks can help shoppers grab everything they need for a night in.

Drinks like Appletiser or Schweppes can provide a sophisticated alternative to alcohol or a mixer for sprits like gin or vodka.

Meal occasions

Three-quarters (74%) of shoppers want a drink as part of an evening meal deal10, so create displays that will encourage linked purchases.

More than a quarter (28%) of soft drink shoppers in convenience are on a food-to-go mission11, so including single cans and bottles in chillers next to sandwiches can also drive incremental sales.

Delivering value

Consumers are increasingly conscious of their spending, with 81% shoppers taking a value-led attitude to shopping12. Price-marked packs can give shoppers the perception of value13, and offer a point of difference versus larger stores.

Top tips to drive sales

Right range – Use sales data to build a range of best-selling lines across each soft drink segment – e.g. cola, energy, flavoured carbonates. Give major brands like Coca-Cola, Fanta and Monster enough space to avoid out-of-stocks while also making space for new launches. It’s also important to strike the right balance between sharing and on-the-go formats.

Right space – Consider which soft drink segments are going to drive sales when allocating space. For example, colas account for 21.8% of soft drinks sales14 so you should dedicate roughly a quarter of your chiller to cola including Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, the fastest growing major cola brand in GB by value15. Make sure you dedicate the right amount of space to rapidly-growing segments like energy drinks and ready-to-drink chilled coffee.

Right layout – Shoppers look for major brands as a ‘signpost’ to the product they want, so use brands like Coca-Cola, Fanta, Monster, Schweppes and Costa Coffee RTD to help shoppers find what they want.

Stocking soft drinks alongside complementary categories – such as take-home packs with snacks for a big night in, or mixers alongside spirits brands – can also help shoppers pick everything they need up in one go and drive incremental sales.

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Natalie Lightfoot

Retailer testimonial

Natalie Lightfoot, owner of a Londis Solo in Baillieston, Glasgow, says: “Soft drinks are a key driver of sales in my store. Favourites like Coca-Cola and Monster are still top sellers but I’m seeing more and more shoppers looking to try new flavours and products, too.

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