Scotmid Ballantrae Front exterior

Located in the small village of Ballantrae, South Ayrshire, the store is situated on the A77 which is the main road link between Glasgow and the two Northern Ireland ferry terminals at Cairnryan.

With this location, the store must be ranged to cater not only to the local population but also to the busy mixture of commuters, tourists and heavy goods vehicle drivers which pass by daily, all in a 1,400sqft space.

Scotmid Ballantrae food to go counter

Scotmid Ballantrae distinguishes itself from local competitors by catering to the needs of its community with a diverse range of food options. Recognizing the importance of providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner solutions, the store prioritises its food to go and impulse offers categories. This strategic focus has not only led to strong growth but has also positioned Scotmid Ballantras’s a go-to destination for convenient and quick meal solutions no matter if customers are seeking a hearty breakfast on the go or a satisfying dinner after a long day.

Amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Scotmid Ballantrae’s commitment to its customer base was unwavering. Led by manager Derek Walker and the dedicated store team, the store has played a vital role in engaging with the local community and providing essential support during difficult times. By keeping the store open and ensuring continuity of service, Scotmid Ballantrae has served as a lifeline for residents, reinforcing its role as a trusted and dependable resource in the community.

The judging panel was impressed by how Scotmid set itself apart from competitors by prioritising high store standards and ongoing investment in its business. External decoration works to internal renovations aimed at enhancing the shopping experience, Scotmid consistently invests in maintaining a modern and inviting environment for its customers, with a view to making a great store even better.

Analysing the sales figures, Scotmid realised that the site had amazing potential, so between January 2022 and May 2023, the business made significant investments to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and customer experience, particularly in fresh, food to go and impulse categories. These investments included upgrading essential infrastructure such as CO2 Fridges, walk-in chillers, and LED lighting to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Scotmid Ballantrae electronic shelf edge labels

Additionally, Scotmid expanded its food to go range with new equipment and introduced innovative solutions like Electronic Shelf Edge Labelling (eSEL) to enhance communication with customers.

Scotmid Ballantrae digital screens

Another way it has driven innovation within the store is the installation of digital screens as a new method of engaging with customers. As well as communicating the extensive food to go menu, the team can also highlight key deals such as the cross-category Baguette Meal Deal promotion which is available in Ballantrae as part of the enhanced food to go offer in-store.

As well as improving the shopper experience, sales have increased by £5,000 per week since the refit.

Scotmid places a strong emphasis on staff training and development, ensuring that employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional customer service. They utilise the Upskills training system, a module-based e-learning application used for training purposes to keep colleagues up to date with the latest government legislation and Scotmid customer policies. Meanwhile dedicated training is provided by the Scotmid food to go support team when required which ensures high standards and a consistent offer are maintained in this key area.