Dear Jac

If you've got a retail problem, call Jac on 020 8502 9775 or email:


What are the rules on seasonal staff?

Considering taking on more staff for the festive rush? Make sure you know your legal obligations

Mash Odedra

Retailer raises £1,300 for local boy

Mash Odedra from Bury St Edmunds is helping raise money for Liam Neathey, who has been diagnosed wth cancer


Energy supply dispute causing high bills

The failure to recognise a contract transfer has caused excessively high bills for a retailer

Welcome Co-op

Is investment in crime prevention paying off?

Jac Roper hears from a retailer feeling threatened in his own store

Spensley_body_cam_ illicit tobacco

What can you do if another retailer is selling illicit tobacco?

Seeing other retailers near you flaunting the laws can be frustrating but there are ways to tackle it

GettyImages-1386713231 (2)

Energy supplier confusion causes frustration for retailer

Serge Notay’s experiences with Scottish and Southern Electricity has led to frustration for the retailer


Erratic deliveries cause frustration for retailer

A retailer got in touch with our helpline to complain about Eden Farm deliveries


'We live on the daily diet of crime’: retailer anger towards police inaction

Subhash Varambhia has outlined his frustration with a lack of action from his local police force when it comes to shoplifting


Retailer fights to get deposit back from epay

Retailer Vijay Patel got in touch with a complaint about epay, saying he wants to warn others about just how hard it is to get a deposit back from them

GettyImages-1491209517 (1)

Confusion over Biffa vape takeback scheme

A retailer wanting to know the finer details of the scheme got in touch with our agony aunt Jac Roper


Abusive customers on the rise

Jac Roper hears from a retailer who has seen a rise in abuse from shoppers



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