Dear Jac

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Why did it take six months to remove an ATM machine?

A retailer had to go to extreme measures to get an ATM removed from his store. Dear Jac reports.


Is this news wholesaler a modern day Dick Turpin?

Our resident agony aunt Jac Roper has been fielding calls from retailers unhappy with Smiths News’ service.

Newspapers and magazines

What’s the minimum number of newspapers you have to sell to remain viable?

Dear Jac speaks to a retailer who is fed up with how his supplier is treating him.

Londis truck

What can you do about Londis allocations?

Dear Jac speaks to a retailer who is upset about how Londis is treating him.


Is your ATM provider playing fair?

Dear Jac hears from a retailer who has had a tough time following a dramatic reduction in cash withdrawals at their ATM.


Treat National Lottery tickets the same as booze and tobacco

Unsure about age-restrictions when it comes to National Lottery? Dear Jac has everything you might need.

Sainsbury's Local Tottenham

Thinking about selling to Sainsbury’s?

Sainsbury’s might be in the market for convenience stores as Jac found out when speaking to a retailer looking to sell up.


How do you make PayPoint pay for you?

Fed up with card transactions for services that you’re losing money on? Dear Jac takes up the case for a retailer experiencing this.

time management

What categories should you cut from your store?

Looking to cut back on unprofitable products? Dear Jac speaks to a retailer who is culling low margin categories.


Who runs your business when you’re off?

Need a break from your store? Dear Jac might have the person to help you out.


Are you being pushed in the right direction on shop refits?

Dear Jac investigates if symbol group reps are playing fair on refits following a retailer query.


Are you losing customers to your wholesaler?

Feel like the wholesalers are cutting you out by allowing non-retail customers in? Dear Jac discovers that you’re not the only one.

PayPoint Collect+ Service

A positive result from PayPoint

Dear Jac speaks to Premier store owner who managed to come out on top in a dispute with PayPoint 


Don’t gamble on dirty equipment

Our Agony Aunt Jac Roper helps a retailer supplied with less than pristine equipment.


Are you ready to take on the energy companies?

Ofgem suggested some reforms for the business energy market. Dear Jac gauges reaction from retailers.

Pile of newspapers

Carriage charge increase causing carnage

Dear Jac speaks to a retailer about the Smiths News carriage charge increase and its impact.


Time to refit your store?

Know a good shopfitter? Dear Jac speaks with a retailer in need of a refit.


Why you should remove the ‘card not present’ function to avoid scams

Unless, of course, you do some selling over the phone.

contactless payment

Looking for a card machine supplier?

Dear Jac asked you all for advice on card machine suppliers and you certainly delivered. Just be sure to check the fine print.

bins waste rubbish

Council sees us as a soft target over waste licence

Dear Jac hears from some retailers who feel victimised by their local council.

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