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PayPoint or Payzone?

Daljit Benning rang me from Paddy’s News and Booze in Sunderland with a bit of a dilemma.

An overrated deal

Pankaj Gupta rang complaining that he was receiving hefty demands from Cardtronics for rates on his ATM at Gian Supermarket in Newcastle.

The former hit is no longer showing on a screen near you

Will there ever be a remake? Rhino Media hopes so

So much crime…so little help. Is it worse than ever?

This retailer has good reason to think it is so. 

How do you feel about notifying the police?

It isn’t that easy and the response often isn’t good.

Some people will go that extra mile to con you

Watch out for this triple dose of men behaving very badly.

This dragged on…and on…and on…for years

Then it got sorted very swiftly via the press office.

Three more for the price of one but in a good way

Some quick pointers from someone who is keen to share.

There’s no happy ending yet in this media screens tale

Here’s another update on those retailers stuck with long leases and big bills for no in-store ads

Wake up and smell…could it possibly be a rat?

Just how small is the coffee machine world?

Now the local parade has a Best-one and a Best-two

This was a fascia swap too far for this retailer 

Was this a contract?

“I do hope that there is someone who shares my experience of debt recovery for the news/mags delivery service,” writes Subhash Varambhia from Snutch News in Leicester, “if so I am willing to pay for the advice/support.”

There was a bright side to offset the daily angst

A day out with suppliers was just the ticket.

What’s your most perishable line? Answer: the news

It goes off quicker than bread so some prioritising is in order.

Was it a balls-up or a cunning con? Rating: no stars

The media screens business model was a box-office flop.

In a jam…again

A Bristol retailer, who has asked to remain anonymous, got in touch from his Costcutter while waiting for a NoteMachine engineer to show up and fix his ATM.

Do you have screens with ads on them?

And are you now stuck with paying £299 per month for a different deal?

Is it a storm in a coffee cup or a new opportunity?

An enforced supplier switch is going to be a pain, so choose carefully.

If you preach data security, you need to live up to it

There are better ways to transport sensitive info, Elavon.

A waiting game

Nisa retailer Pommie Singh, who runs Pommie’s Supermarket in Coventry, rang to say that he had asked Camelot for a black bag back in May to return his unsold Scratchcards.

Why would he agree to debit card costs going up?

No retailer would sign up for that, but he got tricked into it.

This retailer wanted to get a few issues off his chest

Be warned, the following contains some robust language

He’s got it in black and white…

… and that means there is nothing they can do about it

Dear Jac: Rule number one

Make this a rule. Do not accept debit cards to top up pre-paid cards.

How good is this? A money-saving recommendation

And it doesn’t matter where you trade. And you can still do it the ‘old’ way

For once here’s something you are not required to do

Yes, you can charge for plastic bags: customers expect it

Who do you think you are? And can you prove it?

Why isn’t an expired passport or driving licence good enough?



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