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Why I got rid of National Lottery tickets and newspapers from my store

Dear Jac hears from a frugal retailer who thinks carefully about what he offers to customers

cash money

Western Union have been chasing me for money I don’t owe for two years

”I ran Handersons for approximately 30 years and not once in those many years defaulted on any payments to any supplier I dealt with”

cash machine atm

Cardtronics has left my ATM empty for weeks

Two retailers have been in touch with Cardtronics issues, what’s going on?


Get a free automatic hand sanitiser station for your store

Here’s an interesting proposition for you – a free hand sanitiser dispenser… And they promise no catch whatsoever


Is there a Paypoint boycott? We’ll join it

Recently we have noticed a trend from the neighbours including One Stop that they are refusing to accept utility/council tax bills!

Menzies van

No one enjoys increased carriage charges

It’s certainly no way to win loyal customers.


When cancelling a contract, remember to sign it

Here’s an anonymous tip for you


How easy is it to get a Business Bounce Back Loan?

Here’s the criteria you must meet to make an application 

Barclay card

Coronavirus card payments mean I can’t fill the ATM

Customers still want cash but are spending with cards


Smiths News owe me £1,000 and won’t pick up the phone

“No one can give me an explanation on how I get my money back”

Good news on the Scratchcards front

Camelot will take them back without charge

Talk about a run around

He had us all going for a while

​ Who made off with the missing vouchers?

Nearly £800-worth missing is a lot of money

No-one wants to buy black bananas. Not good for the image

This retailer thinks a load of monkeys are in charge

J Holder_convience s028

And up it goes again

I’ll say this for ATM companies: they have very good lawyers drawing up their contracts. Especially the clause that says they can move the goalposts at will.

Swapping track and trace cig stock in the nick of time

It will happen as soon as they let the reps out again

Maybe they should take more care with their headlines

Very few retailers are profiteering – instead they are going out of their way

J Holderconvience s023

An important clause

I had a very interesting query from Ron Letcher who trades as a Londis in the West Country. He asks: “What is the law on smoking if your policy is no smoking? I have two members who constantly break our rules.”

You won’t be able to class this as ‘easy listening’

And its makers say it was very difficult to record under lockdown

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