Dear Jac

If you've got a retail problem, call Jac on 020 8502 9775 or email:


Are you considering getting rid of newspapers?

Jac Roper hears from a retailer who is ready to shred newspapers in their store.


What happens if you get a parking fine at your wholesaler?

Jac Roper helps a retailer who received a parking fine after spending more than £3,000 at their local depot.

PayPoint-Magnum News-Training Images_web

How to survive when PayPoint goes down

A recent PayPoint outage caused chaos with retailers unable to process transactions. Jac hears from a retailer with a possible solution.


Which buying group should you join?

Jac Roper weighs up the pros and cons of several buying groups


Booker under fire over availability concerns

Several retailers have contacted Jac Roper over availability issues.

coronavirus face mask

Lockdown and licensing…what are the rules?

A Nottingham retailer is confused about which restrictions should be followed - local or national?


Having a problem with bank notes?

Jac Roper helps a retailer having some trouble with their ATM.

christmas high street

How are Christmas prices from your wholesaler looking?

Jac Roper hears from retailers upset over festive prices compared to the high street.


Couldn’t Philip Morris afford £290 in goodwill?

A retailer looking to claim money earned in a promotion gets in touch with Jac Roper

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Is there a minimum spend rule on the acceptance of cards?

Dear Jac helps a retailer being threatened by a customer over minimum spend on card payments.

Post Office

Post Office under fire for leavers’ payments

Looking to leave the Post Office family? Jac Roper speaks to a retailer who is finding it difficult


Can I refuse cash in my store?

The cash versus card debate takes an ugly turn as one retailer considers banning it from his store.


What’s the cost of virtual events?

Jac Roper hears from a Nisa retailer unhappy about having to pay for the virtual exhibition.


Are you losing customers to your wholesaler?

Feel like the wholesalers are cutting you out by allowing non-retail customers in? Dear Jac discovers that you’re not the only one.

business rates

Beware of business rates cowboys

Jac issues a warning to retailers tempted by cold callers offering business rates savings.


Masks versus visors, sanitising stations, screens and floor markings

Retailers have expressed confusion about staff wearing visors - Dear Jac attempts to get to the bottom of it.

cash machine atm

More retailers fed up with ATM issues

Jac Roper helps another retailer struggling to get results from an ATM provider.

Meds Merchandising

Need merchandising advice for your store?

Jac Roper helps a retailer who wants to upgrade his merchandising.


Why did it take six months to remove an ATM machine?

A retailer had to go to extreme measures to get an ATM removed from his store. Dear Jac reports.


Is this news wholesaler a modern day Dick Turpin?

Our resident agony aunt Jac Roper has been fielding calls from retailers unhappy with Smiths News’ service.

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