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Retailer ire over newspaper delivery treatment

The relationship between Snutch News in Leicester and wholesaler Smiths News appears to be badly breaking down.

PayPoint Collect+ Service

What if my staff catch Covid from parcels?

Where do you stand if you want to suspend your parcel service for safety reasons?

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Who is supplying who in convenience?

Jac helps a retailer confused about the supply arrangements in the retail industry.


Retailer anger over Nisa prices

Nisa retailers are concerned about the prices they’re paying for products.


Retailers urge support over ticket services

Jac Roper hears from a retailer who feels by-passed when it comes to ticket sales.

Face masks GettyImages-1216050976

What’s your policy on face coverings?

Jac Roper hears from another retailer confused about face coverings.


Complaints raised over BAT's retailer schemes

Jac Roper questions why can’t BAT pay what it owes this couple for promoting its products.


What’s the guidance on hiring for newspaper delivery?

Confused about the age guidance for hiring people for newspaper delivery? Jac helps a retailer out.


Unhappy about your promotional items?

Retailer Shushil Patel isn’t happy about his Nisa dumpbin allocations.


Printer protest produces paper payment problem

The protests at printing presses last year have had an expensive knock-on effect for this retailer.


Could you be owed money from your energy supplier?

Jac Roper helps a retailer who is owed £33,000 from his energy supplier.



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