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Retailer frustration over unpaid compensation for shop theft

Jac Roper hears from a retailer fed up with a lack of follow-through on shop theft.

slushy machine

Slush machine woes continue for retailers

More retailers are experiencing issues with the Frozen Brothers’ service.

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GettyImages-1163587190 debt collector letter bill

Advertising screen situation continues to trouble retailers

The saga over advertising screens and retailers facing debt collector’s letters rolls on.


Retailer concerns over Smith’s charges

Jac Roper helps a retailer who received a troubling invoice from the news wholesaler

In-store services

Commission rates continue to frustrate retailers

Retailers continue to be unhappy with commission rates from service providers. 

illicit tobacco

What is being done about illicit tobacco?

Jac Roper hears from a retailer frustrated by a lack of action on illicit tobacco in their area.

plastic carrier bag

Are you up to speed with plastic bag charges?

Jac Roper helps a retailer confused over changes to the plastic bag charge.

slushy machine

Retailer battles cold shoulder from Frozen Brothers over machine maintenance

Jac Roper hears from a retailer struggling to get a response from Frozen Brothers over his Fanta Frozen machine.

Scratch card scratchcard lottery

Camelot follows through on scratchcard payments

Jac chases up Camelot over delayed payment for old scratchcards.

cash machine atm

Retailer confusion over lack of ATM support

Jac attempts to help a retailer having issues with Cashzone. 

man on phone

PayPoint call service changes raises retailer anger

Retailer Gurdev Singh feels that PayPoint’s changing of call rates is a step too far. 



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