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Keep it clean, people

In this cartoon slot three issues back I recounted the experience that Jimmy Patel had when his Snowshock machine broke down at the end of January, only to be informed by the company they were withdrawing their lifetime warranty. 

What’s in a name?

A question came from Mahesh Patel about selling sweeties in his store, Yogi Smurti Newsagents in West London. He asks: “Is there a new law requiring shops who sell products to make sure all ingredients used are labelled?

If I don’t like the set-up can I leave the contract?

Any number of questions here, but not enough answers.

He wanted to close and Cashzone was costing him money

So far the delay in machine removal adds up to four months.

Booker has come in for stick over coronavirus rush

The company has answered back at length in its defence.

Transportation charges? Why are they there?

Was the business gas and electricity supplier just trying it on?

The new owner defaults and you get hit with the bill

Western Union is looking for an easy option, but it’s not fair.

Get rid of the ‘card not present’ function if you can

Unless, of course, you do some selling over the phone

Talk about a time waster – it never came to anything

But should it have got anywhere in the first place?

Now you see him, now you don’t, then you do again

Did he resign just long enough for a court hearing?

It’s game over and the leftover tickets are no good

But fortunately Camelot has found some Christmas spirit

The screens are blank with no big bucks advertising

Rhino is being forced to fold, but the leasing companies still want their money.

A safe pair of hands

Fancy a holiday? Any number of you have rung over the years asking whether we know of anyone offering holiday relief.

Shock over timing

This was not only rotten luck but exceedingly bad timing. Jimmy Patel, who runs Jimmy’s in Northampton, wrote that he had a problem with SnowShock.

I know I am meant to be something of a Jac of all trades

…But some things aren’t quite my remit; in fact, well beyond

PayPoint, then Payzone, then PayPoint again

This to-ing and fro-ing was threatening to come at a cost.

Oops, and double oops and make that triple, etc

It’s ‘human error’ at Smiths and then a language barrier.

Anybody there? I’d like to transfer some money...

…into my account, for advertising your services

Magic mushrooms?

Two retailers in the same symbol group have received ludicrous claims from a ‘customer’ who says he bought out-of-date own brand mushrooms from one of them (he wasn’t sure which).

Which way is the right way around? It depends

Not all card processing machines work the same it seems

This was an unwelcome extra they could do without

It was a case of adding insult to injury in this ATM charges story.

Recommendations required, please and thank you

Where can I lay my hands on…? Endorsements needed here.

Here’s a warning for anyone selling their business

Camelot won’t take kindly to anyone handing over their Retailer ID.

Bigger fish to fry

You would think if the police had details of a case all handed to them on a plate and already had the guy in custody they would finally take into account the £60 stolen from your store.

The former hit is no longer showing on a screen near you

Will there ever be a remake? Rhino Media hopes so

So much crime…so little help. Is it worse than ever?

This retailer has good reason to think it is so. 

PayPoint or Payzone?

Daljit Benning rang me from Paddy’s News and Booze in Sunderland with a bit of a dilemma.



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