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They do have a heart

People seldom contact the helpline when everything is going well. The following was no exception and is actually a hardship story. 

They might as well cancel the order – it’s going back

But it is very hard to get through to this company.

This threesome did not get off to a good start by any stretch

So many crossed wires, so much hassle, but now untangled.

How do you feel about the deck you’ve been dealt?

It wasn’t up to scratch for this retailer looking for a winning hand

Same cigarettes, different comes?

Apparently, the answer depends on quite a few factors

Have you sorted your digital tax system out?

The deadline to do so has passed. And points don’t mean prizes.

It was a busy fortnight on the Camelot front

What you might call bags of complaints. 

Things weren't going well between this retailer and Booker

The delivery window seems to keep getting broken.

Big rivalry: PO vs PP

Calling all subpostmasters who also have PayPoint. How do you make it work? 

Bash, crash...all over in less than two minutes

But the alarm wasn’t set, so no payout to cover any damage.

There was a lose-lose choice over this particular ATM

But there was also a solution of sorts to make it work

They provide no service, but sue you for it anyway

And their deal means they are getting money for nothing

Another case of Ezeecopy taking a retailer to court

It was judgement day – and hooray for that says Baz

Groundhog day

Jagdish Patel has had an outdoors illuminated advertising sign at his Rodley Stores in Leeds for many years.

60 years of service to the local community

They’re shouting it out loud in Leicestershire’s Great Glen

To charge or not to charge...that is the question

These retailing newcomers seem to have it in the bag

As you all know, staff can be your best asset

And that mantra applies to your suppliers’ staff as well

An ATM doling out extras is fine for the customers

But it’s obviously not fine for the retailer to lose out

A poor rating

Quite a few retailers have had ongoing issues with Cardtronics over their ATMs being charged business rates, but this one was different.

Where’s my money? You promised...

…ah yes, but in a different format to actual cash.

Two Worldpay accounts? How did that happen?

After all, he has never done business with them.

They were switched without a say in the matter

Now there’s a charge to the customer but the same commission

Sound the alarm

Last October thieves broke into Thiabarajah (‘Jey’) Jeyaseelan’s Key Stores, which trades on a busy road in Hull. The family lived above the store at the time.

Here's a timely clock-watching tip from a fellow retailer

In the first issue of this year I reported on Tajinder Singh’s problem with the deadlines for his separate orders for ambient and chilled goods via Londis…

This sweet deal has left a sour taste

Sale or return wasn’t quite what it seemed at first.

A delay in judgement on the Horizon case

And a new campaigning group is emerging to fight your corner.

No love lost in this dispute

The ombudsman has written a detailed report.



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