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What happens when newspaper vouchers won't be honoured?

Jac hears from a retailer forced to take extreme measures following a lack of help from newspaper suppliers. 


How many years with the same supplier does it take for them to realise you’re not ‘new’?

Jac deals with the fallout of a poor relationship between a retailer and Smiths.

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Protecting your home delivery list

Jac helps clear up a GDPR question that relates to home delivery.

hermes parcel shop at the co-op

Hermes rectifies glitch that left retailers short

Hardik Patel spotted a glitch in Hermes’ system that led to him losing out on money


Can you cash out of an ATM contract?

A retailer feels slighted over their contract with NoteMachine.

FT PayPoint transaction

Praise for PayPoint over service levels

PayPoint receives some positive feedback from a retailer over the services provided.


What can you do with old National Lottery stock?

Jac Roper proves to be a winner for a retailer who was stuck with old National Lottery games due to the pandemic.

Contactless payment

Who is at risk when it comes to contactless payments?

With the contactless limit set to increase to £100, are retailers more at risk of fraud?

Business handshake

Philip Morris clears up promotional issue

Jac helps a disappointed retailer resolve a promotional issue with Philip Morris.


Will 16 year olds still be allowed to sell National Lottery tickets?

Changes to age restrictions for National Lottery are causing confusion for sellers.


Customers confused over face covering guidance

Jac hears from a customer about face covering experiences.



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