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Camelot Scratchcard terminal

What happens when you don't return unused scratchcards?

Jac helps a retailer upset over a bill from Camelot for not returning scratchcards.

woman on phone (4)

When social media gets out of hand for a retailer

Jac Roper witnesses a retailer under fire on social media. 

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Coping with insurance conundrums

Jac Roper hears from a retailer who is faced with insurance issues following two burglaries at their store. 


How do I register with a parcel company?

Want to get on the parcel services platform? Jac provides the starting point for you.


What should you do if you receive a fine from your water company?

Jac Roper helps out a retailer faced with a confusing bill from his water provider. 

National Lottery cards

Camelot clears up application confusion

A retailer was losing patience with the National Lottery application process.


What’s the secret to staying invested in convenience?

Jac Roper hears from a retailer who finds keeping their margins strong a challenge. 

happy dog

Frozzy’s customers left out in the cold

The company supplies frozen yogurt for dogs however retailers are unhappy with the lack of support.

hermes parcel shop at the co-op

Retailer frustration over refusal to wear face masks

Delivery drivers refusing to wear face coverings causes concern for a retailer.

newspaper bundles

Retailer gives up on newspaper supplier dispute

A retailer leaving the industry gives up on getting a refund from their newspaper supplier.

GettyImages-183254275 trolley wheel

Staffing issues at cash & carry depot disappoint retailer

Jac Roper hears from a retailer unhappy with the service he received at the cash & carry



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