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Doing the sums

When we last featured Taranjeet Singh in this column in mid-May, he was waiting for the rep’s visit from Hermes to decide whether or not to continue with the parcel service. 

The error had been admitted but still no refund

Instead it was to and fro, back and forth, for months and months

How can this retailer remove a display stand he hasn’t got?

And why are they chasing him for a debt he doesn’t owe?

A couple of tips about PP terminals old and new

Don’t panic: you’ll get time to decide, and then shop around

What to do when your delivery gets mixed up?

Especially when you are trying to take a bit of a break

Is the answer to great service to outsource to India?

Retailers may take some convincing when the product is perishable

What’s in a name?

Samir Patel sent me a picture of his shopfront. It says Londis, but you can see it has been stuck over another sign which reveals just two letters, a B at the beginning and an E at the end.

It’s not quite getting your own back, but every little helps

Are you among those giving up your original PayPoint terminal?

The minimum wage only ever moves one way

And it comes straight out of your pocket. How to counteract?

It been fairly quiet on the PPL/PRS licences front

But this retailer set alarm bells ringing with a backdated bill

Up in arms over the switch to charging for ATM money

And why was there no reminder of the rollover contract?

Half-price sting

Most things in this world are negotiable (despite Brexit evidence to the contrary so far)…

Something about this accountant doesn’t add up

He not only won’t do the work but won’t give the books back to you

A cabinet reshuffle that never came to pass

It was status quo: in with the old and out with the new

Western Union: they didn’t sign up for this

A money transfer service really shouldn’t mean out of your account to some crook.

Plenty of company

Dilbag Sandhu rang with a complaint about his post office contract. He runs Halfway House, a Local Plus post office, in Glasgow. He says he is doing more transactions than the main PO in his area and yet is being paid less.

Unlike prices, commission seems only to go down

And it’s become another juggling act for retailers to perform

A request for feedback on ATM contracts

If you’re on a roll-over anyway…does the old rate still apply?

It's not difficult to make it clear what you're selling

Just say who you are and how much your goods cost

The diagnosis is in for the old yellow boxes: it's terminal

PayPoint is now calling time on its old machines.

Protection racket

Remember the snappily titled Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) introduced as a ‘compliance’ fee imposed upon those handling credit cards?

They might as well cancel the order – it’s going back

But it is very hard to get through to this company.

This threesome did not get off to a good start by any stretch

So many crossed wires, so much hassle, but now untangled.

How do you feel about the deck you’ve been dealt?

It wasn’t up to scratch for this retailer looking for a winning hand

Same cigarettes, different comes?

Apparently, the answer depends on quite a few factors

They do have a heart

People seldom contact the helpline when everything is going well. The following was no exception and is actually a hardship story. 

Have you sorted your digital tax system out?

The deadline to do so has passed. And points don’t mean prizes.



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