The media landscape has fundamentally changed over the last decade and good news, it works to our advantage!

Tim Fairs

It means that shop owners can now buy TV for just a city and be more laser like - much more affordable and more efficient. TV ads can be made for a fraction of the cost compared with a few years ago too.

Organic and Paid Social can be targeted with the same accuracy – gone are the days of placing an ad in the local paper or the yellow pages and hoping for the best. Media these days can be tracked in real time so shop owners can see how many are clicking and visiting our stores or websites.

Local SEO is critical in our sector so we need an optimum set up with Google My Business to ensure your shop appears at the top of the list with great content for each store. If needed, use an agency like Yext who can do the heavy lifting for you.

I would also recommend each shop owner creates their own social community, it’s very easy and effective and use local influencers to raise awareness and drive traffic to your shop.

Don’t dismiss the value of traditional doordrops either – not all your customers will be advocates of online, social or digital media. Partner with the Royal Mail and they will help you to reach only the hot prospects using a much more reliable method of distribution.

There is something about the immediacy of seeing an offer landing on your doormat as opposed to having to use a screen.

So gone are the days of the epic TV ads…shucks. Yes we get the occasional hit pre Christmas but it’s not like the old days.

Owing to the fragmentation of media, the award-winning stunning ads don’t seem to exist now. They were like mini movies and we almost looked forward to watching them as much as the programme we were viewing at the time.

Of course back in the day you could reach 20m customers in one centre break on ITV and therefore the huge investment made more sense.

Now we have to cater for many different formats and everything is more performance based so needs to generate a decent ROAS. Little appetite for all that brand building stuff and you will always vote for the biggest and quickest return.