Responsible Retailing

Age Scan trial_Co-op Oxford Road_Manchester

Co-op customers trial Age Scan technology at self checkout

The age verification system is being trialled at four stores in Manchester


Cost of living crisis could spark illicit tobacco increase

The Local Government Association has warned that under-pressure consumers could turn to illicit tobacco

Underage sales

UKVIA urges tougher fines for underage vape sales

The UKVIA wants the minimum fine for underage sales to be increased to £10,000

Large E-Cig Vaping Display

Concerns raised over vaping product regulation proposals in Scotland

Questions have been asked over measures proposed surrounding the display and promotion of vape products in stores

Raid 1

Vaping products seized in store raid in Westminster

£100,000-worth of counterfeit and illicit products were seized from a store in Westminster

GettyImages-512136509 online sales

New measures to tighten the sale of knives and corrosive substances introduced

The measures are aimed at online sales of knives and corrosive substances

GettyImages-615834650 vaping

Geek Bar calls on Trading Standards to tackle non-compliant vape products

Vape brand Geek Bar has written to Trading Standards services at local authorities in major UK cities in an effort to raise awareness of the growing issue of non-compliant and counterfeit disposable vape products

Cigarette factory Belgium

40 million counterfeit cigarettes seized in Belgian Europol raid

It is believed the cigarettes were destined for the UK and French black markets

GettyImages-680195090 Vaping

Geek Bar tackles counterfeit vape sellers on social media

Geek Bar has launched an online campaign aimed at rogue suppliers and producers of non-compliant and counterfeit products

Wine Rack

Bestway trials age verification technology

The age verification trial will take place in three stores in Leeds

Illicit tobacco

Three shops closed in Northumberland due to selling illegal tobacco

By Sadie Andrew

Three shops in Ashington that were caught repeatedly selling thousands of pounds worth of illegal tobacco have been ordered to temporarily close by magistrates

Illicit tobacco

Prosecutions secured over illicit tobacco sales

Illicit tobacco and cigarettes were seized in two raids on a store in Lincolnshire

Our colleagues use C25 (consumer)

ACS boosts awareness of Challenge25 scheme

The campaign aims to expand the use of Challenge25 materials in stores and online


Walsall retailer fined following illicit tobacco discovery

Trading Standards Officers seized 6,000 illegal cigarettes and over 1kg of illicit hand-rolling tobacco

Norton Shop Illicit tobacco

Stockton store shut down by council following illicit tobacco seizure

More than 200,000 illicit cigarettes were seized from the store and a nearby flat

Illicit tobacco seizure

Retailer prosecuted for selling counterfeit tobacco in Salford

By Sadie Andrew

A businessman has had over £11,000 worth of counterfeit tobacco taken from his premises and has been prosecuted.


Major illicit tobacco and cigarette seizure made in Grimsby

Almost 300,000 illicit cigarettes and 2,615 of illicit tobacco have been seized in Grimsby as part of Operation CeCe

Rapid delivery courier moped

Age-restricted sales warning issued over rapid delivery services

Mystery shopper research from Serve Legal found that less than half of age-restricted sales completed through rapid delivery services requested identification


Operation CeCe cracks down on illicit tobacco trade

By Sadie Andrew

Operation CeCe has led to the seizure of more than £2.7m worth of illegal tobacco products in the first half of 2021.


HFSS legislation to cost convenience channel £583m

IRI data predicts a £583m loss of sales in the convenience channel due to HFSS

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