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  • AHT Plus MPU_V3 (1080 x 720)

    The refrigeration path forward

    2024-01-22T06:30:00Z This content is provided by

    With new European gas regulations reshaping the future, refrigerants need to adapt in order to support the UK environment. Find out how you can improve you refridgeration stratergies with AHT.

  • JTI_Store-150

    Act now on the proposed Generational Smoking Ban

    2024-01-19T06:13:00Z This content is provided by

    The UK Government’s proposed Generational Smoking Ban will affect convenience store businesses and their owners. However, there’s still time to act. Find out how, with JTI.

  • Harpal Rai- Rai Wine Shop

    How you can reap cash rewards by simply stocking up on bestsellers

    2023-08-21T06:00:00Z This content is provided by

    As retailers and shoppers face cost-of-living challenges, many store owners are adapting to support existing customers, but also looking at new ways to attract customers to their store. Find out how Shopt is giving retailers new opportunites to grow their profits.