Research shows recruiting craft beer shoppers has the potential to deliver an 11% increase in total beer sales1. BrewDog helps identify the key opportunities and benefits to introducing craft beer into your store.

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Worth over £32m and growing +10% YOY, craft beer now has a 7% share of total beer, up from 6.6% at the start of 2023 [Circana]. In fact, Kantar reported that, out of 34 beer, wine and spirit categories, only seven saw penetration growth in 2023, and among those leading the charge were low- & no-alcohol (+1.3pp) and craft beer (+0.2pp), which both welcomed new shoppers. These recruiting categories had a common theme of appealing to younger and more affluent shoppers, so attracting this consumer base with your product offering is key to driving growth [Kantar].

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How to inspire shoppers and influence purchase decisions

As a category, beer is driven by brands, with shoppers trading through tiers and formats, from standard lager to premium/world lager and craft beers to meet their budget. However, based on previous times of hardship, BrewDog has identified that shoppers seek premium treats in the off trade when finances are challenged. This is reinforced by research that places quality (66%), taste (50%) and range (45%) as the top drivers to purchasing BrewDog [Dunnhumby].

Craft beer is a key category for Big Night In and social gatherings, with 38% of craft beer spend coming from 4- to 6-packs [Nielsen]. Along with premium lager, craft beer features significantly in many at-home occasions, including nights in (alone or as a couple), regular/everyday drink, and planned social gatherings [Kantar].

Driving basket spend
Research shows BrewDog shoppers are extremely valuable, spending +28.8% more on their total basket than average beer shoppers [Convenience Retailer]. So, listing top-performing craft beer SKUs, such as BrewDog Punk IPA, Hazy Jane, Lost Lager and Mixed multipacks as part of a Big Night In or BBQ display will help to upweight total spend in-store.


Planning your shelf


Core range

As an initial offering, we recommend starting with our top two products, Punk IPA and Hazy Jane, which continue to see a lot of love from shoppers. As the No.1 craft beer brand [Circana], Punk IPA acts as a signpost for the category, so something that shoppers will be look for when browsing the chiller.

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Multipacks are also a key category growth driver, and BrewDog Mixed Packs are an important recruitment tool, driving trial. Our research shows that 50% of first-time purchases come from multi-packs, and larger mixed formats significantly over-index with first-time buyers [BrewDog], with 51% of craft beer shoppers repeating their category purchase, following their first trial [BrewDog].

The 4-can pack remains the most important craft beer format throughout the year with a 47.4% share [Circana]; however, we have seen significant movement in the 440ml single can format, driven by the cost-of-living crisis, so it is important to have a mix of formats available to meet different shopper needs.


Top products you should stock


Top tips

● Leverage the strength of familiar signpost brands to help shoppers easily navigate busy fixtures. BrewDog is the signpost brand for craft beer [Greenshoots] and therefore should be displayed at eye level and brand blocked to be the signal of where craft sits within the fixture

● Location is also key – when buying craft, 76% of men want chilled beer from the fridge in convenience stores [BrewDog]. If chiller space is available, craft should be sited here

● Focus on multi-packs as the key format, with the 4-pack can the most important for craft beer and BrewDog shoppers [Nielsen]

Retailer testimonial


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Ronak Patel, Budgens of Arbury, Cambridge, says:


“The biggest benefit we’ve seen from working with BrewDog is the introduction of new products. We have expanded our craft beer range as a result, and these have been a really good addition. Some of them are niche, but we’ve actually been able to convert a number of lager drinkers. The mixed 8-pack is a great option because it lets people try different beers.”


Get involved

For more category advice, details on the full BrewDog range and details of where to buy BrewDog, visit BrewDog’s dedicated trade website.

1 Circana, 18th February 2024. Brewdog total market, 52 weeks