In this episode our experts explore:

La Dolce Vita

During recessionary periods, consumers tend to treat themselves, regardless of changes to disposable income; this is known as the lipstick effect. As indulgence and self-care drive treat missions to c-stores, retailers will have to find creative ways to cater to consumers while adhering to HFSS legislation. We hear from Anila Anwar of Costcutter Sandy Hill Road, who challenges our hosts and approaches this trend with caution.

Radical Transparency

Consumers long for relationships with brands that go beyond the transactional, with authenticity, ethics, honesty, and environmental and social governance (ESG) at the forefront of fostering brand loyalty. During the discussion, we hear from Michael Fletcher of The Co-op, a retailer that is often at the forefront of this trend across convenience.


Provenance, buying local, supporting small businesses and local communities, and working towards net-zero and carbon neutral retailing remain essential to sustainability-led consumers. How will this continue to grow in 2022? What do shoppers expect from retailers? We hear from Chris Noice of ACS and David Charman of Spar Parkfoot to get their views on how this will evolve and impact the channel.