With appeal across families, confectionery is a category that should generate year-round success for retailers. Discover key tips to bring in new consumers to the category in your store and retain the loyalty of existing shoppers.

Stocking a strong core range of confectionery helps to provide retailers with relevance all year round and can enable them to build trust and loyalty with their customers, who will know they can rely on the store to have what they need, when they need it.

To tap into calendar moments, throughout the holidays, for example, retailers should engage with the local community and collaborate with organisations or community groups to promote family-friendly initiatives and events to encourage families to your store. Retailers could run a variety of activities, such as competitions for local families to get involved with over the holidays. By establishing these strong relationships, you can foster trust and loyalty among local customers and encourage new shoppers to visit your store.

With parents being more likely to make a purchase when they see options for both themselves and their children, this will help retailers to cater to a broader audience while increasing basket spend. Another great way to cater to families is by offering cross-category promotions and creating bundle deals for movie nights and family game nights, or by grouping together baking ingredients with confectionery, so families can bake together.

Creating clear zones in-store to support shoppers

Ensuring ease of shopping with clear category segmentation and product positioning is vital in helping busy parents navigate your confectionery shelves. Placing key products in high-traffic areas or at eye level increases visibility for parents and helps them choose a product for their families, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Creating displays in the run-up to September is a great way to remind parents to stock up on treats for the family. Consider also targeting those late shoppers or parents looking to replenish supplies after the back-to-school rush as opportunities to boost sales.

Why Kinder Surprise?

Kinder Sup

Kinder Surprise is the biggest range of the overall Kinder brand [Nielsen] and provides a huge opportunity for retailers to drive sales and meet ongoing consumer demand. As a popular and well-loved brand by families, Kinder Kids ranked number three in value in the kids’ chocolate category [Nielsen].

Kinder Surprise is famous for its unique 3-in-1 experience of a small chocolate treat, and a specially designed toy that unites families through discovery and play

While Kinder Surprise eggs are particularly popular with families during holidays and special occasions, they are also sold year-round. Find out how to boost your sales and maximise the Kinder Surprise opportunity in your store, whatever the season.

Drive incrementality

Stocking a selection of products from a popular brand that customers trust, such as Kinder, can give retailers a competitive advantage. By positioning the product in a high-footfall destination for parents who are shopping, it can help to make the brand unmissable for parents within stores.

Kinder Sup Lifestyle 2 resized

Similarly, offering a variety of products from the same brand allows retailers to capitalise on cross-selling opportunities. Customers who are interested in one product, such as Kinder Surprise, may be inclined to explore other offerings from the brand, like Kinder Chocolate. Having products suitable for all family members is a great way to become a one-stop destination for a parent’s shopping needs, increasing the likelihood of higher spending.

Kinder Bueno Classic T1 resized

Build on the popularity of the Kinder portfolio

Expanding Kinder’s presence within the ice cream category, Ferrero UK recently launched Kinder Bueno cones to bring the distinctive milk and cocoa taste that the brand is loved for to a new sector. The launch will appeal to existing shoppers, as well as attracting new ones to a widely recognised and trusted family brand. Delivering the iconic taste of Kinder Bueno Classic, the No.1 count line in the convenience market [IRI], they are perfect for the family to enjoy during the summer months and support retailers looking to drive sales for both on-the-go and at-home consumption, catering to changing demand throughout the week. 

By implementing these strategies, retailers can effectively drive footfall, increase sales and revenue, while enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers. Advice for retailers remains to continue stocking recognisable and trusted lines from the top brands, such as Kinder, all year round.

To find out more about Kinder Surprise, go to https://www.ferrero.com/uk/en/our-brands/kinder