Neil Turton_Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones and Neil Turton announce Nisa departure

Amanda Jones will take up the role of chief operations officer at Conviviality Retail

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Bobby's Foods extends confectionery range

01 Sep 2014

Bobby’s Foods has added new lines to its confectionery and soft drinks ranges.


Henri Wintermans cigars available individually wrapped

29 Aug 2014

Henri Wintermans cigars are being supplied in new hygro foil wrappers to maximise product freshness.


Imperial Tobacco launches L&B Blue Superkings

29 Aug 2014

Imperial Tobacco has launched L&B Blue Superkings 19s.


P&G launches Clairol 5in1 for the whole family

29 Aug 2014

P&G are aiming to please everyone all the time with a new shampoo and conditioner range.

Chess pieces

Playing to win in Tesco town

Three years ago Andover was one of the UK’s top Tesco towns, with few independent c-stores still in the game…

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Eurospar Milford Haven

Eurospar Milford Haven, Wales

26 Aug 2014 | Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Diversification has been the name of the game for Eurospar operator Chris Ward, who has had to react to growing competition in the Welsh town of Milford Haven.


Holborn's, Redhill, Surrey

01 Aug 2014

The words Farrow & Ball paint and convenience stores aren’t often uttered in the same sentence – except that is, at Dean Holborn’s newly-refurbished store in Redhill.


Keeping it local

13 Aug 2014 | Updated: 15 Aug 2014

Offering local products is something that the big multiples can’t do as well as independents. Here’s how four retailers make it a selling point.

Dear J@c

Jac Roper is fighting for a better deal for independent retailers

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Repetitive strain

26 Aug 2014 | Updated: 29 Aug 2014 | By Aidan Fortune

With new products being introduced to the market all the time, it’s a constant challenge for retailers to keep a meaningful range within a small shop…

Monitoring alcohol policy

29 Aug 2014 | By James Lowman

The ACS will fight proposals to restrict the number of alcohol licences in an area, says James Lowman.

How own label adds value

26 Aug 2014 | By HIM

A credible own-label offer is a key way of driving loyalty, says HIM’s Jennifer Pratt.

It’s all a gamble

21 Aug 2014 | By Scott Preston

Every penny spent is a gamble, says Shetland retailer Scott Preston, who is about to embark on a £25,000 refit.

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