Brexit: SGF raises concerns over economic impact

It warns of the “double whammy” of Brexit and another independence referendum

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Walkers Bugles

Walkers relaunches Bugles crisps in the UK

24 Jun 2016

Walkers has relaunched Bugles cone crisps into the UK market.

Lovely drinks cola

Lovely Drinks creates all-natural colas

24 Jun 2016

Lovely Drinks has launched two brand new all-natural colas; Original Cola and Sour Cherry Cola.

Rubicon spring

Rubicon's new low-sugar range

24 Jun 2016

AG Barr is reinventing water with its new range of low sugar drinks called Rubicon Spring.


Tranquini brings relaxation drinks to UK

24 Jun 2016

RH Amar has partnered with relaxation drink brand Tranquini, to create a new ‘relaxation’ drinks category in the UK.

James Walton, IGD chief economist Video

IGD chief economist James Walton discusses market projections and how independent retailers can take advantage of future growth. 

Sales assistant of the year

Sales Assistant of the Year: Rise and shine

23 Jun 2016 | By Gaelle Walker

Jennifer Kerr was a worthy winner of the 2015 Sales Assistant of the Year Awards. Now it’s time to unearth a new diamond.

MJs Go Local Extra

Supplier in your store: The winning team

23 Jun 2016 | By David Rees

Heineken territory manager Nichola Potter visited Jai Singh’s Go Local Extra store in Sheffield to help him prepare for a summer of sport.

Co-op Welcome Frobisher House

Co-op Welcome Frobisher House, Southampton

14 Jun 2016 Updated: 17 Jun 2016 | By Sarah Britton

Richard Inglis and his team are more available for their customers thanks to behind-the-scenes technology.

Londis Sheppey

Max's Londis, Isle of Sheppey, Kent

02 Jun 2016 Updated: 03 Jun 2016

With 25 years of successful trading under its belt, Jatinder Sahota’s family-owned Londis on the Isle of Sheppey looked to the future with a major revamp at the start of 2015.

Dear J@c

Jac Roper is fighting for a better deal for independent retailers

See here for the latest.


Have supplies of tobacco packs with pricemarks begun to dry up?

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Ruth Cousins

A quick smile goes a long way

14 Jun 2016 | By HIM

Customer and store owner/staff relationships have always been at the very heart of what makes the convenience industry unique and special, says HIM’s Ruth Cousins.


Speak out on wage concerns

06 Jun 2016 | By James Lowman

Don’t be tight-lipped about your National Living Wage worries, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

Chaz Chahal

The new store is a hit with the locals

02 Jun 2016 | By Chaz Chahal

Chaz Chahal’s column charting the opening of his new store has come to an end, as another journey begins…

fruit and veg

Give profits a healthy boost

14 Jun 2016 Updated: 14 Jun 2016

Our C-Store Champions are embracing the healthy eating movement and enjoying some nourishing sales from a new category of shoppers

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