Gander app in hands with discounted products

A partnership between Gander and Snappy Shopper has yielded “outstanding results” in tackling food waste.

The trial, which integrated Gander into the Snappy Shopper home delivery app, allowed customers to purchase reduced to clear items from Gander for delivery as part of their normal shop.

This meant stores on the trial were reducing food waste as well as offering customers the opportunity to buy a selection of fresh food at reduced prices. The offers from Gander were updated in real time every day.

The trial was conducted in five Spar Scotland stores since April last year and found that 11% of orders included a Gander product; Snappy Shopper basket value increased by 10% when Gander items were added and that item count with Gander was 21.3 vs 13.7 without Gander - an increase of 7.6 basket items.

Chief operating officer at Gander Damien Corcoran praised the collaboration. “We are proud of our partnership with Snappy Shopper. They have been excellent to collaborate with throughout this piece of work. Bringing two tech disruptors together for the benefit of retailers and their customers, not only drives more sales into stores, but also reduces food waste. As shoppers continue to feel the financial pinch, giving them more visibility and access to reduced-to-clear food, whilst diverting perfectly good food away from waste, just makes sense. As a SaaS company, this is what Gander is perfectly placed to do. Solving one of the world’s biggest problems of food waste, feeding humans with perfectly good food and creating thriving local economies.”

Founder and chief executive of Snappy Shopper Mike Callachan added: “We are thrilled to see the remarkable outcomes of this groundbreaking integration between Gander and Snappy Shopper. This collaboration not only demonstrates our commitment to enhancing the convenience shopping experience but also underscores our dedication to reducing food waste and promoting sustainability. By seamlessly integrating Gander’s platform into the Snappy Shopper app, we have empowered our customers to make more informed choices while simultaneously supporting our retail partners in their sustainability efforts. We look forward to further expanding this initiative across our network of retail partners, driving positive change and delivering unparalleled value to both shoppers and stores alike.”