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Middle aisle confectionery

ACS issues warning over cost of Scottish HFSS legislation

The cost of adapting a store to comply with the proposed regulations is estimated to be on average around £13,000 per site


Cadbury Brunch Light Honey & Oat

​Cadbury Brunch reveals non-HFSS range

The healthier bars are available in two flavours

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What are the challenges and opportunities for retailers in 2023?

James Lowman of the ACS looks at some of the challenges facing retailers over the next year


How will HFSS impact the soft drinks category?

CCEP’s Aaron Patel discusses the impact of HFSS on soft drinks and beyond

KP Sharing Line-up

How will snacks be impacted by HFSS regulations?

The snacking category will be one of the 15 affected by HFSS but is this an opportunity for retailers? KP Snacks’ Matt Collins discusses the new legislation

Best-one Gilfach Crisps and Snacks

HFSS restrictions are coming: are you ready?

New legislation on the sale of HFSS is coming soon and retailers need to be prepared

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