Vape supplier Evapo has urged the government to reconsider its proposed flavour restrictions and ban on disposables.

It comes after the company surveyed 1,134 of its customers, which indicated that 93% of respondents have either quit smoking completely or reduced their tobacco intake due to vaping

It also follows the government’s decision to vote in favour of the Tobacco and Vapes Bill last week. 

The survey revealed that 31% of respondents would resume or increase smoking if their preferred vape flavours were banned or restricted, with an additional 30% considering it somewhat likely. 

While the ban and restrictions have been proposed to protect the youth, it found that 71% of people over 45 years old use fruit and dessert flavoured vapes.

Furthermore, 81% believe that flavour restrictions would negatively impact individuals trying to switch from smoking to vaping.

The vaping company said that these results showcase the essential role that diverse flavour options play in supporting adults to quit smoking

“The data underscores the unintended consequences that flavour bans could have on public health, potentially driving former smokers back to tobacco, as well as benefiting the already flourishing illicit market,” Evapo said. 

More key findings found that 83% of respondents prefer non-tobacco and non-menthol flavours, such as fruit, dessert, and sweet flavours, indicating these are “crucial in their smoking cessation efforts”.

“We recognize the government’s concerns regarding youth vaping and are committed to responsible practices that protect minors. However, it’s crucial that these proposed measures do not inadvertently hinder adults’ access to safer alternatives to tobacco,” said Andrej Kuttruf chief executive of Evapo.

Kuttruf has urged policy makers to consider these insights as they debate the upcoming Tobacco & Vapes Bill.

“Evapo will continue to call for a common-sense, evidence-based licensing regime that will protect children, help smokers quit, and stop the criminals, without compromising the progress and health benefits experienced by adult smokers who have chosen vaping as a pathway to quit smoking. Evapo remains dedicated to contributing positively to the community’s well-being and to the global movement towards a smoke-free future,” he added.

A new report by the Royal College of Physicians has also urged the government not to ban flavoured vapes after its new report analysed the role of e-cigerattes as an alternative to smoking.

MPs from the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Responsible Vaping also recently cautioned against the ban on flavoured vapes, branded packaging and displays in stores.