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An important clause

I had a very interesting query from Ron Letcher who trades as a Londis in the West Country. He asks: “What is the law on smoking if your policy is no smoking? I have two members who constantly break our rules.”

Swapping track and trace cig stock in the nick of time

It will happen as soon as they let the reps out again

Maybe they should take more care with their headlines

Very few retailers are profiteering – instead they are going out of their way

You won’t be able to class this as ‘easy listening’

And its makers say it was very difficult to record under lockdown

There is a clamour over Cardtronics blaming the pandemic for hiking fees

And they are reneging on the deal for those previously exempt

Self-distancing was non-existent at this branch

There was such a scrum I don’t know how the eggs survived

Availability in the south-west has been worse than other parts

And the trouble is, there is no alternative

Overstayed welcome?

Mumtaz Ahmed was extremely surprised to get a charge notice for £100 from overstaying the 120 minutes permitted free parking at his local Booker branch by another 35 minutes.

Good news, bad news

What extraordinary times and extraordinary people

Where are the basics? The shelves are bare

And there is no alternative supplier

Loophole I grant you

David Blackborow writes: “I wish to highlight a loophole in the government’s grants to business to help their cashflow during this crisis.”

Cash transactions: handle with kid gloves

But card transactions come with costs

The biggest brand in the country can afford a goodwill gesture

What price loyalty? In the end, a compromise

Why isn’t there government assistance for those keeping all their staff on?

If you don’t furlough, you don’t get help. Is it fair?

Paperwork denied

Among the measures announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak were direct cash grants to help the self-employed through the coronavirus outbreak.

If I don’t like the set-up can I leave the contract?

Any number of questions here, but not enough answers.

He wanted to close and Cashzone was costing him money

So far the delay in machine removal adds up to four months.

Booker has come in for stick over coronavirus rush

The company has answered back at length in its defence.

Keep it clean, people

In this cartoon slot three issues back I recounted the experience that Jimmy Patel had when his Snowshock machine broke down at the end of January, only to be informed by the company they were withdrawing their lifetime warranty. 

Transportation charges? Why are they there?

Was the business gas and electricity supplier just trying it on?

The new owner defaults and you get hit with the bill

Western Union is looking for an easy option, but it’s not fair.

Get rid of the ‘card not present’ function if you can

Unless, of course, you do some selling over the phone

Talk about a time waster – it never came to anything

But should it have got anywhere in the first place?

What’s in a name?

A question came from Mahesh Patel about selling sweeties in his store, Yogi Smurti Newsagents in West London. He asks: “Is there a new law requiring shops who sell products to make sure all ingredients used are labelled?



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