Dear Jac

Costly bit of kit

13 Jul 2018

I’ve speculated before on the price of cash machines and wondered how many times retailers have to suffer ATM breakdowns before their equipment is replaced.


Dear Jac

Jingle jangle

21 Mar 2018 Updated: 23 Mar 2018

No, not tills…spurs. Those ratings cowboys, RVA surveyors, are still around….

It was bad but it could have been worse

25 Jul 2018

What do you do when you get a crowd ‘shopping’?…

Cops and robbers and the in-between territory

23 Feb 2018

What’s your stand on playing policeman on your own turf?…

He didn't choose to have his day in court

26 Jan 2018

…but after months of stress he won…

Such a good cause...

01 Dec 2017

And it’s such an old scam. It ruins it for the genuine charities…

Dear Jac

One school of thought

01 Nov 2017 Updated: 03 Nov 2017

Bharat Dalal’s wife Anna received a letter through the post thanking her for supporting a local community initiative…

This retailer is back on his soapbox over contactless cards

22 Sep 2017

And he cannot be persuaded in their favour…

Dear Jac

Adding insult to injury

22 Sep 2017

It was bad enough that two con artists got away with 320 euros but the fact that the authorities couldn’t give a toss made…

Selling up? Do be careful who you sign up with

14 Aug 2017

Some agents see a nice percentage for very little work…

This could have been a gotcha! Except he didn't fall for it

14 Jul 2017

Don’t agree to anything on the phone, especially if you didn’t make the call…

If you were one of those un'appy retailers, don't pay up

30 Jun 2017

The company is now in liqidation…

It seems old scams never die, they just evolve

16 Jun 2017

Here’s a really sneaky twist from a business rates ‘consultant’

Charge backs are very unfair on the man in the middle

10 Mar 2017

If the card is not Chip and PIN enabled, you are at risk…

Another one bites the dust

10 Feb 2017

And according to online reviews it is good riddance…

Beware those pre-paid holiday cards and the big spender

10 Feb 2017

In fact avoid altogether, unless you know the customer personally…


Dear Jac

A moving story

12 Jun 2018 Updated: 15 Jun 2018

Nigel Crocker got in touch from Hayes News in Cardiff on 10 May to ask for help in speeding up some forms from Camelot. 

Dear Jac

Winds of change

20 Apr 2018

All concerned in this story are anonymous because it suits everyone….

If you do home news delivery do you get paid more?

25 Jul 2018

As they say in some circles, every little helps…

Dear Jac

Revenue stream

24 Jul 2018

Ajmer Johal’s store, GB Newsagent in London’s Kentish Town, used to have its water supplied by Thames Water…

Sometimes it takes a bit of time before things get sorted

13 Jul 2018

The main thing is that it does get sorted in the end…

Sometimes there's just no way round the middle man

13 Jul 2018

And of course it adds another level of cost…

Cashzone leads on the complaints-to-this-column front

15 Jun 2018

There isn’t room for all of them so here are two of the worst.

With any contract you have to pay close attention to the wording

15 Jun 2018

It’s worth remembering that they are written by lawyers with their clients in mind.

At least when you retire you have time to seek justice

18 May 2018

This ex-retailer is taking it right to the top…

Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns

18 May 2018

If you don’t, you might get badly gored – in the wallet…

Nearly a month with a lottery terminal down is too long

02 May 2018 Updated: 04 May 2018

It hit not just lottery sales but the rest of the store too…

Offered a contract? Please read before you sign

20 Apr 2018

We are all guilty of being too trusting…

Enough is enough. It has been years of poor service

20 Apr 2018

But you cannot go elsewhere for supplies…

Never mind having to read between the lines...

06 Apr 2018

This response from Smiths News says it all…

When you leave a group because of poor service levels...

23 Mar 2018

…you don’t expect to get a bill for £18,800…


Dear Jac

Costly bit of kit

13 Jul 2018

I’ve speculated before on the price of cash machines and wondered how many times retailers have to suffer ATM breakdowns before their equipment is replaced.

Dear Jac

Doing a bit of banking

06 Apr 2018

A retailer wrote to say that their store has an ATM that keeps breaking down. That wasn’t why she got in touch though….

Are police ignoring crime-hit retailers?

25 Jul 2018

All the evidence unfortunately points to ‘yes’…

Calling all hole-in-the-wall retailers regarding rates

13 Jul 2018

How many of you have settled out of court?…

If you scratch the surface there do seem to be some faults

29 Jun 2018

An automated system is supposed to keep the National Lottery running smoothly…

All they want is a fully-functioning cash machine...

01 Jun 2018

…one that gives out money on request, not keeps it for itself…

A direct debit screw up can have spiralling consequences

04 May 2018

And we are not not talking peanuts here – it’s thousands…

Here's a tip from a super-savvy retailer on the equipment front

04 May 2018

Head for the high street and avoid the tie-you-in-knots contracts…

Rules is rules: make sure you follow them

20 Apr 2018

Although in this case, it wasn’t very clear and the cost was dear…

Their system is a tough one but they're not bad people

06 Apr 2018

PayPoint shows its soft side…and it’s rather pleasant…

There was some dragging of feet in the repair

23 Mar 2018

Hopefully by now the replacement ATM will be back in the wall…

Hitting the wrong note, over and over again

09 Mar 2018

This retailer would prefer to start all over again, with a new machine…

Let's wish them a long and happy retirement

09 Mar 2018

Now that all the hassles are behind them…

Somehow the notice didn't get noticed, leading to cut off

23 Feb 2018

But all’s well that end’s well as service is resumed…

This couple would prefer a pay-as-you-go arrangement with Camelot

09 Feb 2018

This would allow a better Scratchcard display…



Lost and found

27 Jun 2018 Updated: 29 Jun 2018

Delivery man walks into a village post office looking all lost and says, “Can you tell me where Mrs So-and-so lives? I can…

dear jac

What a fag

01 Jun 2018

Justine Vokes wanted to know whether anyone would supply her with a vending machine…

Dear Jac

Caught on camera

03 May 2018 Updated: 04 May 2018

Did you know that if you have CCTV you need to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and pay them £35 …

Just for a change...we're dispensing some really good news

29 Jun 2018

And believe it or not it happens to be on the tobacco front…

Hopefully the Feds will get somewhere with their new campaign

15 Jun 2018

Newsagents deserve better treatment than they are getting.

It's been a very slow burn for some retailers...

01 Jun 2018

The scheme aims to ignite cigarette sales but has stubbed out some loyalty…

You can't charge for taking cards but the ones in the middle can

01 Jun 2018

They’re chipping away at all sides, looking after their pennies…

In one week there will be new data protection rules in place

18 May 2018

Like all regs it has its funny little wrinkles…

It's still on the cards: why can't you levy a fee?

23 Feb 2018

One retailer argues that it is a product like any other…

Card charges are bad news and still on everyone's radar

09 Feb 2018

Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty……

The banks are passing on the charges...

26 Jan 2018

But the law is preventing retailers from passing on the charges to customers…

Self service was once a bright new idea

22 Dec 2017

Now it can be shoplifter’s help-yourself heaven…


Do you take plastic?

01 Dec 2017

Or, more to the point, how do you feel about taking plastic back once your customers have drunk their fill?…

The fag end of the new tobacco regs has been a bit messy

06 Oct 2017

It may have taken some time, but gradually it is all getting tidied up

The One Lite stand off takes its last gasp...

22 Sep 2017

…and the retailer is going to try the supplier’s tactics…


Dear Jac

Setting it straight

15 May 2018 Updated: 18 May 2018

A couple of retailers got in touch after my ‘Rules is rules’ story…

Dear Jac

What a waste

07 Feb 2018 Updated: 09 Feb 2018

Plastic waste is now a very hot topic with everyone from David Attenborough to the PM on down…

Was he or wasn't he owed some sizeable rewards?

29 Jun 2018

This is a very confusing dispute that seems to be digging itself into a hole…

This one also concerns a loyalty scheme...

29 Jun 2018

… and it too had an undesirable outcome…

Once again only enough space left for a little one

18 May 2018

Here’s the latest joke running round the retail world…

He got turned down but turned himself around

02 May 2018 Updated: 04 May 2018

Sometimes there really can be a silver lining…

For some it has been a bit David and Goliath

06 Apr 2018

But chucking a few stones hasn’t had the desired effect…

Not much space left so how about a joke?

09 Mar 2018

This one is making the rounds in the grocery world…

Dear Jac

Change of scenery?

24 Jan 2018 Updated: 26 Jan 2018

Dr Glyn Reece and his wife Judith have run Penny’s Food & Drink in the village of Huntington, Chester, for 29 years….

Are you all goody gumdrops, jingle tills, it's nearly Christmas?

22 Dec 2017

Or are you more bah humbug! can’t wait for it to be over?…

Dear Jac

Zero tolerance

18 Dec 2017

Nigel Crocker wrote from Hayes News that he had been taking part in Coca-Cola’s voucher scheme…

Just rewards, that's all he wants, but he'll have to wait

01 Dec 2017

If it’s a no-show rep, don’t leave it too long to chase…

How much clout would a local authority have over a monopoly?

03 Nov 2017

It will be very interesting if they even try…

Yes, we give a very good delivery service to our customers...

03 Nov 2017

…but there are limits to how far we can go…

This turned out to be a case of let sleeping dogs lie

20 Oct 2017

Do not disturb a very old ruling and it might not disturb you…

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Protect reponsible retailers

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