For retailers and brands, the big sporting events give us the perfect opportunity to drive incremental sales and additional supplier income. The Euros kicking off on 14 June will resonate with many of us over the coming weeks wanting to feel part of the action. By creating a high impact fully integrated marketing campaign, the sales lifts can be significant.

Tim Fairs

Having offers aligned to the customer mindset is key as well as selecting suppliers and brands most relevant. Both retailers and brands will be keen to grow market share during these events and stealing cash from their competitors. Meal deals with pizza and beer as well as healthy options merchandised together in the fridge will certainly help to drive sales - so easy for customers to cook at half time.

Customers tend to be on autopilot when visiting stores, so the POS and merchandising needs to be disruptive and have high impact to be able to cut through and change behaviour.

Think about the £ margin not % as trading the lead deals will drive the volume significantly to more than compensate for a lower margin rate. Better to sell 100 deals at 50% than 30 deals at 75%. The top tier deals will act as footfall drivers if we support with external marketing like organic/paid social media or doordrops. Have secondary offers in-store to help drive ATV too.

Suppliers will be clambering to buy into certain marketing packages offering different levels of marketing support and profile in-store. The bigger brands will opt for the premium front of store space as well as wanting to be a lead sponsor of the shopper marketing campaign.

It’s a win, win – the retailer is seen as having it’s finger on the pulse, additional supplier income will be generated helping the P&L and the sales will lift on the lead SKUs. Happy days!

Have a strategy in the event the team exits early on to try and keep the momentum going.

Great opportunity for colleagues to get involved and feel part of the events. Setting your colleagues targets and clear KPIs can create healthy rivalry with other stores. Could be volume based or % of sales from the lead SKUs. Nobody wants to be at the bottom of the table after all. The sales promotions, gamification and great deals will all help to drive footfall and increase ATV both in-store and online.