AG Barr has reformulated its core Rockstar range with 25% more caffeine.

Rockstar reformulation

The new Rockstar recipe will be launched across the full core range which includes its two best sellers - Xdurance and Punched - as well as the Original and SuperSours variants and will be available in sugar levy free 500ml 99p big can formats.

The move comes off the back of the success of higher caffeine energy drinks delivering high market growth in the USA.

“The energy category has always been driven by people’s needs and there are currently big sections of society that are busier than ever before at the moment. We may have lost the busy morning commute, which has always been a hotspot for energy consumption, but it’s been replaced by the pressure of lockdown, juggling childcare and the need to catch up on work late into the evenings which creates the need to feel alert and awake throughout the day,” said AG Barr’s marketing director Adrian Troy.

AG Barr reports that energy is the biggest category within ‘drink now’ soft drinks, and is worth £1.4bn (IRI Marketplace, Total Market Place, MAT to 29.12.19).

“Flavoured Energy has grown £21m in the last year* and now accounts for 34% of the mainstream energy market, growing faster than original energy making the new and improved range from Rockstar, a tool retailers can use to have significant impact on sales,” added Troy.

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