Skwishee Press 2

Frozen fizzy drinks brand Skwishee is launching a Free Skwishee Day on Saturday, 22 April.

The promotion will allow customers to visit any one of the 200+ Skwishee stockists nationwide and receive a cup of Skwishee for free.

The drink’s event-led marketing strategy is what separates it from the competition, claims Skwishee managing director Raza Rehman, who is also a director at Scottish convenience chain Green’s Retail. “Skwishee is the only frozen drinks company that holds nationwide events such as Free Skwishee Day and Bring Your Own Cup Day. We are truly invested in driving footfall into our partner stores, creating enhanced brand exposure for Skwishee, and encouraging new customers into the stores through the hype of nationwide marketing. Coming from a retail background ourselves, we know what it takes to help our stockists stand out and become destination stores.”

Skwishee has more events planned in 2023 than ever before. April’s Free Skwishee Day is the first of two this year, while this summer will see the return of Bring Your Own Cup Day, where customers can bring in a container of their choice and fill up with Skwishee to their heart’s content. Wheelbarrows, shoes, jerry cans and more have all been flooded with Skwishee. Prizes are given to the most creative vessels. The company is currently running a competition to win a Skwishee-branded Playstation 5 on TikTok.

Skwishee’s current flavour line-up includes Frozen Raspberry, Mad Mango, Wild Cherry and the Millions-partnered Sweet Strawberry, with a host of new flavours launching later this year.