Moo Free Rocky Jumble


Vegan chocolate brand Moo Free has launched Rocky Jumble share bags.

Comprising a medley of chocolate covered Bunnycomb, Raisins and Moofreesas, Rocky Jumble share bags (100g, rrp £3) enable retailers to offer an alternative in the free from confectionery space for those who may have particular food allergies or follow a vegan lifestyle.

As with the rest of Moo Free’s range, the Rocky Jumble product is free from dairy, gluten and soya and is produced in the UK using ethical Rainforest Alliance cocoa from certified farmers. The Rocky Jumble share bag doesn’t use any single-use plastic, and the packaging can be fully recycled.

Andrea Jessop, Moo Free CEO said: “Our new Rocky Jumble share bag is the latest result of the hard work we put into developing quality products that meet our shoppers’ needs. The free-from market has seen significant growth in the last fifteen years and is now a recognised core grocery category, with Moo Free at the helm for the majority of that time.

“Treating and snacking continues to be high priority for thousands of consumers and we hope with the new Rocky Jumble share bags that people with allergies or follow a vegan diet don’t have to miss out on chocolate treats for sharing.”

The launch builds on Moo Free’s success with its Choccy Rocks range, using the same panning machine to evenly coat each treat and tap into the growing popularity of chocolate sharing bags. 

Founded in 2010, the B-Corp certified chocolatier’s range continues to build on its distribution and listings, and reported a record year end for 2023 with 23% growth versus 2022/23.

The manufacturer recently implemented the latest stage in its ongoing development of traceability technology, which enabled it to achieve a full trace within a few clicks.