1L chocolate milk carton - jersey dairy-4

Jersey Dairy has introduced a new chocolate flavoured milk (1l, rrp £1.40) to the UK market which can be used to make a variety of hot and cold milk drinks. Suitable for use in the home as well as in an in-store drinks machine, the product is made from the milk of Jersey cows on the island of Jersey.

The firm claims that the milk’s high nutritional content makes it a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks or squash and they expect it to be popular with parents.

In-store, it can be used in thick shake machines, blenders, or straight from the carton, offering operators a flexible solution for a full range of beverage options. 

“Our herds are allowed to graze freely on natural grass and they produce a special type of milk with a worldwide reputation for its’ taste and creaminess,” explained UK sales manager David Ashton.

“The milk is particularly nutritious containing a unique type of butterfat and more calcium and protein than milk from other breeds of cow. It also has a higher level of vitamins and minerals and is good for the immune system.”

Made from UHT skimmed milk Jersey Dairy Chocolate Milk boasts a 12-month ambient shelf life prior to opening, and comes in cases of 12.

Jersey Dairy was the first dairy in the world to be awarded a LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) Marque due to the environmental credentials of the milk production process on the island.