JTI is investing in its vaping portfolio with its first UK venture into the electronic cigarette (e-cig) tank products market.

New Logic PRO tanks are being launched nationwide this month.

The launch will be supported by a TV and outdoor media campaign from 1 May. 

The Tank market has grown 161% in the last year according to JTI, and is the fastest growing sector within the e-cig category.   

Using integrated coil technology, Logic PRO provides a ‘no spill, no fuss’ device with the use of pre-filled Logic PRO e-liquid capsules.

Designed to ensure a high quality vaping experience, the vacuum-sealed capsules are available in four flavours - Brazilian Bold Tobacco, Ice Fjord (Menthol), Red Cherry and White Vanilla - in different nicotine strengths. 

The Logic PRO Device has an rrp of £10.00 while the capsules are £3.99 per pack of three.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, said: “Logic PRO offers vapers a sleek design, ease of use, the latest technology and above all, quality from a brand they can trust.

“With an estimated two million regular adult vapers in the UK, Logic PRO meets the demand for the 85% of those who now use Tank e-cigs. 

“The launch of Logic PRO offers premium vaping at an affordable price and is a must-stock for switched-on retailers that are keeping up with market trends.”

Features of the Logic PRO device include a convenient e-liquid window for visibility, a long-lasting battery with quick charge and a 5-click lock/unlock facility, allowing the user to secure the device safely between uses.

For more information on Logic PRO, retailers should speak to their local JTI representative or call the Logic help desk on 0800 112 3401.