TRIP Mindful Blend range

Soft drinks brand Trip has announced the launch of its new range – Mindful Blend.

Going beyond its CBD drinks, the new range combines lion’s mane, magnesium, ashwagandha and l-theanine with an infusion of nature’s botanicals.

The new functional drinks will be introduced in four flavours, including two exclusive flavours, cucumber mint, and blood orange rosemary, and two flavours from its core range, elderflower mint, and raspberry orange blossom.

The unique blend is aimed at providing consumers with a new way to find calm, through the health benefits of these functional ingredients in an accessible canned soft drink.

TRIP’s new range will be the first time consumers are able to purchase lion’s mane, magnesium, and ashwagandha in one RTD can from retailers and the on-trade.

Olivia Ferdi at TRIP said: “As the largest privately owned carbonated drinks brand, we have led the growth of the functional drinks category and are excited to continue our trailblazing impact in the sector with the launch of our unique Mindful Blend range, offering a new way to find the same calming effect as our CBD range. As consumers continue to prioritise health and wellness, Mindful Blend provides an accessible way to incorporate these trending ingredients into your lifestyle and a new way to unwind. Millions already find calm through the functionality of our CBD drinks, and seeing the increased demand and popularity of these ingredients has made it clear that there is a market for us to expand into a new range of soft drinks”.

Trip added that it will drive further brand awareness of both ranges with its very first nationwide TV campaign.

Olivia Ferdi added: “Our mission is to help millions of people find calm and make plant powered wellbeing accessible to all. The nationwide campaign is a key step to helping millions of people by driving awareness of this new way to unwind and find calm, naturally”.

The new Mindful Blend SKUs are available from CLF Distribution with an RRP of £2.