Electronic cigarette brand Skycig has announced it will become Blu eCigs.

The name change, which takes place in May of this year, follows the acquisition of Skycig by American electronic cigarette brand Lorilland which owns Blu.

The Blu brand has almost a 50% market share in the USA, making it the largest electronic cigarette brand in the country.

As part of the rebrand, Skycig will also be changing its brand positioning to have a stronger focus on lifestyle and will be backed by a £20m marketing campaign.

The current Skycig flavours will also be available under the Blu brand, including: classic tobacco, tobacco gold, rich tobacco, menthol, vanilla, cherry, cinnamon, and NRG.

Skycig ceo and founder Jacob Fuller said: “We are extremely excited and proud to be bringing the largest e-cigarette brand in the world to the UK – it is a fantastic product, with a bold look that offers an alternative and positive lifestyle choice for adult smokers. As the brand Blu we will stand for pride, bringing e-cigarette users back into the social fold in a society where smokers have been marginalised for a long time. The UK product range will be supported with a bespoke advertising and marketing campaign that will stand out in the category.”