Have a ‘Classic’ Christmas!

The cigar sector is vitally important for convenience retailers. There are 600,000 adult cigar smokers in the UK - who spent £465m on their favoured brands last year - and with Christmas fast approaching, cigars’ popularity is set to increase. However, while there are over 300 cigar brands in the UK, the top 10 account for around 90% of sales. You should also be aware that in the last 12 months:

Small cigars accounted for nearly 55% of UK cigar sales. Classic, Panama and King Edward Coronets are all leading brands in this sector

The miniature cigar sector accounted for over 42% of total cigar sales - we estimate this figure will have grown to 46% by 2007. Within the sector the Café Crème range leads the way, while Small Classic Filter and Castella Miniatures are also important brands

Large cigars accounted for around 4% of total UK cigar sales. Castella Panatellas is an important large cigar brand, responsible for about a third of all large cigar sales