To help London retailers cope with demand for ice cream during the summer, Unilever’s Wall’s has launched a two-hour delivery service.

Supported by wholesalers Consort, Direct Wholesale Foods and Eden Farm, the service will deliver popular brands such as Magnum, Cornetto, Solero and Calippo in a specially-designed fleet of 20 Wall’s vans, featuring the playful branding from the recently launched Wall’s ‘Goodbye Serious’ campaign.

Jenny King, Wall’s brand manager at Unilever UK, said: “We know that ice cream sales go into overdrive when the sun is out, especially in London as a popular tourist destination in the summer. This new service aims to ensure that retailers in London don’t run out of their most popular ice creams and miss out on valuable ice cream sales.

“The heat wave in July 2013 saw unprecedented ice cream sales and with the promise of high temperatures this summer, there is potential for huge sales again in 2014. This is the first time such a rapid response delivery service has been trialled and we’re looking forward to seeing the impact that the service has on sales for retailers.”