Orange Maltesers Bunny 3

The new variant of the second most popular Easter self-eat treat is launching in 2021.

With orange flavour growing a whopping 20% in the last two years (Nielsen Scantrack, data to 2 May 2020), the company has high hopes for the orange Malteser Bunny (rrp 61p).  

Kerry Cavanaugh, marketing director at Mars Wrigley UK said: “We know that the flavour orange is a distinctly British taste that has seen a huge zesty makeover in recent years. While we often see the orange trend boom during the holiday season, we know that consumers love the flavour all year round which is why we’re ensuring the ‘choc-work’ continues into the new year and beyond. In what has been a challenging year for retailers, we know this exciting NPD will bring a new zest for life into sales and get consumers excited about the category once again.”