Double Drip, the e-liquid brand from Vapouriz, has launched its first nicotine salts (nic salts) range in a bid to capitalise on the growing popularity of the additives, which improve nicotine absorption.

With an rrp of £4.99, the nic salts offer retailers a POR in excess of 56% per unit.The products are available in 10 ml bottles with two nicotine strengths (10mg and 20 mg) and seven flavour variants, including: super berry sherbet; crystal mist; menthol mist; lemon sherbet; cherry bakewell; raspberry sherbet and mango raspberry ice cream.

Nicotine salts make for a more satisfying vape by delivering nicotine to the bloodstream faster than standard nicotine-containing e-liquids and in a much more similar way to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

“This combination offers an intense, but smooth, nicotine hit, combined with the great flavour and quality customers expect from the Double Drip brand,” Vapouriz/Double Drip ceo Brett Horth said.

Double Drip Nic Salts are formulated with a 5050 PGVG base so can also be used in selected sub ohm devices, offering a solution to any vaping customer.

“We are thrilled to bring our first nic salts range to the market,” Horth added.“The ever-popular Double Drip brand brings customers in, and now there is a nic salts extension to offer a satisfying hit, without compromise on flavour, that any vaper can try.

“With the traditional January stop smoking period fast approaching, it is a prudent time to stock up on these versatile liquids.

“They deliver nicotine to the blood stream far more quickly than standard nicotine-containing e-liquids. This makes for an immediately satisfying vape which is particularly appealing to smokers who are looking for an effective stop smoking aid that offers effective, long-lasting relief from cravings.”