Elite Mobile Product Portfolio

Elite Mobile is offering retailers the opportunity to stock SIM cards and vaping products, with the added benefit of £100 in credit.

The offer includes the company’s Nvee, Nvee Pro and Nvee Pod lines, as well as its range of Jucce e-liquids. The liquids carry an rrp of £1.99 per 10ml bottle or three for £5 (POR 50%+).

Retailers selling SIM cards supplied by the company can earn commission from customer top-ups, in addition to the sale of the cards. Convenience stores can also bank an extra 25% in credit through the Elite Extra Rewards Scheme.

Retailers can also contact Elite’s 200-strong sales team for merchandising advice, as well as order supporting POS for all products.

Ketan Gokani, managing director and co-founder of Elite, said “We are confident in our offering, so we can offer our products on consignment. We pride ourselves in being transparent with retailers; they can see how much they’ve earned and how much more they can make.

“We also believe our best in class support service shouldn’t be at the cost of retailer commission or profit, giving them every reason to exclusively work with us for the longer term.”