Booker has launched the Shop Locally Tobacco Club.

Following on from feedback from Shop Locally customers calling for a tobacco club, this initiative will 10 products including three Scotland-only SKUs.

The Tobacco Club is available for all Shop Locally customers and is operating now.

Booker is offering these promotions to help increase sales, footfall and profit delivering a potential £1,000 of additional profit a year. This deal also counts towards the retailers’ Spend & Save discount.

Managing director of retail Colm Johnson said: “It is essential that retailers can rely on Booker to deliver the best choice, price, and service for them, while still delivering high margins. We continue to be committed and offer excellent value for not only the shoppers but also our retailers.”

The lines are:

Chesterfield Red SK TTT 10x20s

Mayfield KS Gold TTT 10x20s

Mayfield SK Gold TTT 10x20s

Mayfair KS Silver TTT 10x20s

Mayfair SK Silver TTT 10x20s

Marlboro Gold RYO TTT 5x30g

B&H Blue RYO TTT 5x30g

Scotland lines only:

Kensitas Club SK TTT 10x20s

Kensitas Club KS TTT 10x20s

Kensitas Club RYO 30g 3in1 TTT 5x30g