Aunt Bessie’s is launching a new range of ‘Melt in the Middle’ desserts to tap into demand for indulgent treats made for larger gatherings.

The new frozen desserts are available in Belgian Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel flavours and sold in 500g packs (rrp £2.50 - £3; serves six)

Hannah Haas, marketing director at Aunt Bessie’s, said: “Shoppers have demanded a new, exciting take on the frozen hot desserts category, and this is supported by research that shows that they are willing to pay a higher price for a premium option in the category.

“The Melt in the Middle desserts represent a new and enticing option for consumers in the category - they meet shoppers’ desire for eye-catching treats that can serve the whole family or a full dinner party. By innovating within frozen desserts and offering a stand-out product with a premium feel, we hope to help our retail partners capitalise on the increased opportunity over the coming months.”

The new puddings are available for convenience retailers to order now via the wholesale channel.