Mars Petcare has launched new ranges for its Sheba and Cesar brands.

Sheba Delicious Duo come in packs of 12 85g pouches (rrp £5.10). The Delicious Duos mixed selection multipack contains three of each of the following flavours: salmon and saithe; tuna and oceanfish, rabbit and poultry, and chicken and beef. The meat selection multipacks contain: chicken and beef, rabbit and poultry, duck and turkey, and turkey and chicken.

For the Cesar range it is introducing new 100g pouches. The 100g pouch range consists of two 8x100g multipacks, including a senior offering, with an rrp of £3.49 and two 4x100g multipacks (rrp £1.79). The packs are available in gravy and jelly textures and popular meat varieties.