Unilever’s premium dessert brand Carte D’Or has launched Signature - a trio of ice creams inspired by French desserts.

Crème Brûlée, Tarte aux Pommes, and Fondant au Chocolat are all available in 450ml tubs. “The luxury dessert sub-category has grown dramatically over the last year and is currently in 6.2% growth, accounting for over 36% of the total dessert ice cream sub-category ,” says brand manager Florence Howell. “We know that there is a gap in the market to target shoppers over 45 with luxury ice cream products. Carte D’Or Signature caters for this demographic, attracting new customers into the sector as well as providing the opportunity for loyal Carte D’Or customers to trade up.”

Rrp: £3.69

Tel: 0845 600 6612