Independent retailer Paul Cheema is hoping to charge up his electronic cigarette (e-cig) sales with a dedicated one-metre gantry devoted to the devices at his Malcolm’s store in Coventry.

Paul worked closely with Birmingham based Real Trading, plus a number of different e-cig and vaping device manufacturers, including Imperial, PMI and Litejoy, on the initiative - which also seeks to educate existing adult smokers and vapers about the category.

“We wanted to get away from counter top display units and stock a much wider choice of brands and options in a clear and smart way,” Paul told C-Store.

“We don’t stock one type of baked bean or one type of bread so why would we only stock one brand of e-cig? Taking a full category approach to e-cigs is the way forward. There is still quite a bit of confusion about the category - and education is key,” he added.

“This concept is designed to dispel that confusion and explain what vaping is and all the options that exist.”

The bespoke new gantry is surrounded by green LEDs and features a large media screen on which vaping demonstrations are played. “

Razors, batteries and other high margin goods are positioned below it.

“We wont sell any of the cheap £1 products, and we wont do multi-buys. The concept is about giving adult smokers and existing vapers the right tool for their needs - and of course, the right tool to make us money.”

“The gantry has only been fitted for a matter of hours but so far the reaction has been very positive,” Paul added.

He hopes to fit similar, smaller e-cig gantries at his two other stores in the coming months.