A store may sometimes have crazy prices but rarely a ‘mad’ new fascia. C-Store travelled to Newcastle to visit the latest fascia on the block, Nisa Loco. These are the first two stores in the fascia, with Nisa retail development director Raj Krishan promising 10 more stores within the next few months and 150 by this time next year.


The Loco store in Gosforth, Newcastle relies on a family-orientated customer base and focuses on local produce.

Loco David Harper

Store manager David Harper has high standards for the store and makes sure it’s always looking its best.

Nisa Loco

Fresh is a key focus for David at the Gosforth store, with customers embracing the natural look. David, who has a culinary background, wanted to give the fruit and vegetable section a rustic feel that would be more in keeping with a farm shop than a suburban store. “Sales of fruit and veg have tripled since we started selling them loose,” he says.

Nisa Loco

Fresh meat is also very popular at the store with locally-sourced produce highlighted to customers.


David has already noticed some new faces in the store. “We definitely have a lot more regular customers than before,” he says. “People seem to like that you can get everything you want under one roof.”

Nisa Loco

Niche ales are a big seller in the Gosforth store, proving very popular with local residents and visitors alike. “We get a lot of tourists buying local ales to give as gifts,” says David.


The former car showroom in Sandyford measures in at 7,000sq ft, so there is plenty of room for customers and lots of stock. It also means there is space for lots of promotional deals.


Store owner Khuram Pervez stocks plenty of deals for his customers, which are mostly students. He’s in tune with his customer base and knows what deals will appeal to them.


With students keeping irregular areas, there is a constant stream of customers meaning the store is always busy. The state of the art counter and epos system is equipped to handle even the busiest trading periods.


Being close to university halls of residence means the store stocks plenty of ready meals and snacks. Khuram and his team always makes sure they have a full supply for customers.


The store has wide aisles, giving it an open feel. It has also been laid out in order of how a customer would fill their basket with impulse treats along the way.


No detail is missed in the store’s design, with varied Loco shelf labelling to suit each colour of wine. Khuram says that this helps as wine is a surprise big seller for the store. “We don’t sell as much tobacco and cider as I thought we would,” he says. “But we do sell a lot of wine!”