McCAIN has launched a new campaign to tackle consumers’ “misconceptions” about fat content
in foods.

The aim of the Fat or Fiction campaign is to raise awareness of the 5% fat content of McCain Oven Chips by educating the nation about acceptable fat levels.

An increase in calls from consumers to McCain asking whether oven chips fit into a balanced diet prompted research to establish consumers’ understanding of
fat levels.

Results showed consumers failed to rank popular foods in the right order, according
to fat levels.

Ready meals, chocolate, crisps, some cereal bars and steak were incorrectly thought to have less fat than chips, claims McCain.

Fat or Fiction continues until March next year and includes a PR campaign supported by TV and print advertising worth £1.5m.

THATCHERS GOLD cider is extending its range to include a 2ltr PET and 500ml can and is giving the brand a new look.

The packaging includes a new bottle style and reflects the fact that the brand targets the premium sector.

The brand will be supported by trade and consumer advertising.
RRP £2.99
TEL 01934 822862

FENTIMANS has introduced a 330ml can of its traditional full-bodied shandy.

The introduction follows a 50% sales increase in the past 18 months, according to the company.

The drink contains 70% beer and a traditional lemonade made with lemon juice.

Low fermentation during the brewing process means that the drink’s abv is less than 0.5%.
TEL: 01434 609847

Del Monte is relaunching its special-edition winter warmer juice in time for Christmas.

Designed to be consumed warm, the drink is a blend of apple, plum and lemon juice with cinnamon.

Company bosses say the drink is an ideal alternative to tea or coffee in the winter months.
RRP 99p
Tel 01784 447400

INBEVUK is launching a national ad campaign for Beck’s, celebrating the brand’s 20 years of art sponsorship.

The campaign will feature posters by artists including Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin and some of the most popular limited-edition personalised bottle label designs created for Beck’s over the past 20 years.

Magazine advertising, an online campaign and an
in-store drive will also be featured.

Support will be especially strong in Glasgow and London, where large digital screens will be used to communicate the brand message.

The campaign is part of Inbev’s £6m investment in the brand for the remainder of 2005.
TEL: 08701 696969

Nurishment is launching a major marketing campaign and new packaging across its six-flavour range.

The new design aims to give the range a fresher, more distinctive look for improved shelf standout.

The milk drink is available in 420g cans and contains 100% RDA of key vitamins, minerals and calcium.

The six available varieties are chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, raspberry and cherry.

The brand enjoyed
a 10% growth in 2005 and will be supported by a further £1.25m national marketing spend this year.

A sampling campaign is taking place in Greater London, the Midlands and South Wales.
RRP 89p
Tel 01707 326555

BUTTERKIST is back in production following a four-month break after a factory fire.

All bag sizes are available except the multipack, which will be in full supply in the new year.

To mark the occasion the brand will be backed by a six-figure sum, as yet to be confirmed, which will be used to develop a marketing campaign.

New product development is planned for next year.
TEL 01977 696404