Real Good Smoked Barbecue Sauce 65% Less Sugar

Real Good brand is stepping into the barbecue sector this summer with the launch of Real Good Smoked Barbecue Sauce (rrp £3). The plant-based sauce is available in 485g recyclable squeezy bottles and is produced using allergen-free ingredients. 

Available to order through Tree of Life, the sauce is made using 65% less sugar and salt than similar dark, sticky barbecue sauces which can contain as much as 40g sugar per 100g. Real Good Smoked Barbecue contains just 11g of sugar per 100g and is sweetened with natural stevia leaf.

“There’s a growing demand for products that promise a low sugar content, but that are also natural and made from real ingredients,” explains Liz Jones, founder of Real Good. “This new barbecue sauce is perfect for health conscious consumers that care about what they are putting in their body, but still crave those little extras that make mealtimes special.”

Inspired by cuisine from Tennessee in the Deep South and made with authentic, natural Smoked Hickory & Oak Smoked Water, Black Strap Molasses, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cinnamon, Chipotle Chilli and Star Anise, the new Smoked Barbecue Sauce promises a tangy sweetness and a mild, chipotle chilli heat. “This is a multipurpose sauce,” continues Liz. “It is designed to be enjoyed as a sauce on the side, a marinade, a dip and a cooking sauce. It’s incredibly versatile and really delicious with black beans, halloumi, chicken or plant-based products.”