Golden Wonder is looking to appeal to fans of its Transform-A-Snack range with the launch of a limited edition curry flavour.

The new variant will be available from November 26 until the end of May 2019. The curry flavour will be sold in £1 price-marked packs and joins the brand’s four existing variants: saucy BBQ; spicy beef; chilli; and cheese & onion.

Matt Smith, marketing director for Golden Wonder, said: “Transform-A-Snack remains a firm favourite with consumers looking for a fun, great value, fully-flavoured snack. Curry is one of the fastest growing snack flavours and we wanted to ensure that Golden Wonder fans weren’t missing out.

“We’ve had a fantastic response to our ‘Chip Shop Curry’ flavoured Chippies and we’ve had numerous requests through social media to bring back more curry-flavoured snacks. We’ve now responded with this fragrant, mouth-watering blend of spices, that really delivers on the Golden Wonder fully-flavoured brand promise of “more punch per crunch.”

Matt added: “As part of our ‘Great Golden Wonder Giveaway’, we are currently offering 33% Extra Free across all £1 Transform-A-Snack packs and this will include the new limited edition Curry flavour, upon its release. Additionally, from 26 November, we will also be offering 25% Extra Free on £1 bags of Golden Wonder Saucers.”

Golden Wonder’s ‘Great Golden Wonder Giveaway’ will run throughout 2019, designed to give customers extra value across the brand’s snacking portfolio.