Golden Wonder is offering retailers another tasty reason to stock its products with an on-pack promotion with Pizza Hut Restaurants. 

Starting from 14 April, every shopper who buys a pack of Golden Wonder crisps is guaranteed to win a prize including free pizzas and money-off vouchers at Pizza Hut Restaurants.

Matt Smith, marketing director of Golden Wonder, explains: “Our performance in the convenience sector is particularly strong, accounting for a significant proportion of our sales. Golden Wonder remains a firm favourite as the fully-flavoured crisp brand and this offer, with its impactful promotional packs delivering great shelf stand-out, will drive further sales by rewarding loyal consumers and also engaging new shoppers.

“As everyone who buys a pack is rewarded with a prize worth more than the price of the pack, we are anticipating a strong uplift across the convenience sector.”

Matt concluded: “Since we revamped the brand in 2016, consumer engagement has increased dramatically. This national promotion is being supported by digital, social media and PR as well as by a heavyweight TV campaign in our Scottish heartland from April until June. There is also specific trade support for the convenience sector including promotional offers and free POS.

“Within the last 12 months, we have launched two successful new products, the first of which was Golden Wonder Chippies, real potato sticks in three flavours, Chip Shop Curry, Salt & Vinegar and Ready Salted. These were launched in 2017 to mark 70 years since the Golden Wonder brand was created. We’ve also recently launched another exciting product that is generating significant interest with both consumers and independent retailers, Golden Wonder Animal Adventures, which are gluten free snacks in Original and Cheese flavours.

“With the category evolving, we are taking a proactive approach to staying top of mind with consumers and our core ‘fully-flavoured’ brand promise has been key to our success. The upcoming on-pack promotion with Pizza Hut Restaurants continues our fully-flavoured message and gives both retailers and consumers a great reason to stock up on Golden Wonder.”