sour worms

Bonds of London is re-launching its children’s sweet bags in new reduced packaging.

The packaging features new colour design and uses less plastic, which is more environmentally friendly as well as allowing the products to look neater on peg bag stands.

Sweets in the bag are not reduced in number though, and they are priced at three bags for £1, providing retailers with the opportunity to give customers value for money.

As well as new packaging, Bonds is also introducing new flavours, which include jelly monkeys and bananas, cherry pencils and the dolly mix classic.

Among the fizzy sweet additions are sour cherries, sour worms and fizzy apple pencils, whilst chocolate lovers can indulge in new white chocolate mice and pink hearts.

Chris Smith, from Bonds Confectionery said: “We are really excited about the new advancements in the Bonds kids range. Not only are they introducing lots of exciting new product lines but they are revolutionising all kids’ sweet bags packaging to be more environmentally friendly and attractive for customers.

“The new products are really exciting as they bring in so many new flavours and appeal to a huge audience. There really is something for everyone, whether you love chocolatey, gummy or fizzy confectionery.”

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