Blue Skies has launched a dairy-free ice cream range to the UK.

The new range offers dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan friendly ice creams made with fresh fruit and creamy coconut milk. The ice creams (£4.99 for 450ml) will be available in three SKUs: Mango & Passion Fruit, Chocolate & Orange and Coconut.

Blue Skies has supplied the freshest, hand-picked, hand-cut fruit to countries worldwide for over two decades. The fruit is sold via leading retailers and often as own label rather than Blue Skies.

The brand is committed to practicing equitable trade by ‘adding value at source’. Unlike most of their competitors, the finished ice creams are made in the country or region where the fruit is grown, rather than in factories elsewhere.

By doing this, as much as 70% of the finished product value stays where the fruit is grown, compared to as little as 15% if it is produced outside the country. The Blue Skies Foundation has helped over 100,000 people across Africa by investing in over 70 projects throughout Ghana, Egypt, Senegal and South Africa.

If you’re interested in stocking Blue Skies new ice cream please contact