Kids’ yogurt brand Petit Filous is highlighting the health credentials of its core range with its new Goodness campaign.

The £4m+ above the line campaign, which features TV and influencer activity, will target parents with children aged 3-6 years old, reminding them that Petit Filous yoghurts are a healthy snack solution. Messaging focuses on calcium and vitamin content, as well as reduced sugar and sugar-free formulations, with the aim of driving brand credibility and increasing household penetration, which is already at 51.8% [Penetration of households with children 0-4 | Nielsen Scan Report to 25 April 2020]. 

The TV advert shows children playing both indoors and outdoors, with Petits Filous featured as a snack that helps their bones develop, along with their sense of imagination.

Labelled ‘A Smart Snack Choice with Calcium & Vitamin D’, and Change4Life approved, Petits Filous’ core range now has a new educational component to its packaging. Featured on the lid of its yoghurt pots are animal characters from A-Z, designed to combine learning with the element of fun and surprise at the moment of consumption.

Brand manager Ben Thompson-Star said: “Petits Filous is already well-established within the category, worth £42.9m [Nielsen Scan Report to 25 April 2020], so now we’re working to assuage parental concerns about the health credentials of the snacks they are giving to their kids, particularly within the yoghurt category. With Petits Filous they know they are getting a great tasting snack with calcium and vitamin D that their little ones will love.

“We’ve always believed in laying strong foundations for the development of all children. We can connect with parents through this campaign, but also encourage kids to be kids and play and imagine. That way we’re staying firmly at the heart of families to help them deliver a childhood full of goodness.”