Last issue I reported on Tushar Patel’s complaint about the power supplier’s verbal promise to reduce his electricity bill and his shock at discovering that the opposite had happened. NPower needed more time to consider its reply and thus I bring it to you now.

A statement from the company reads: “NPower takes the issue of direct sales complaints very seriously and we have carried out a full investigation into Mr Patel’s complaint. NPower are satisfied that the contract was signed according to the proper process; this included signing a ‘customer checklist’ which indicated that he fully understood the implications of signing the contract and was happy to proceed. This means that the contract remains valid and has not been cancelled. We have explained this to Mr Patel and have asked him to contact us if he has any further queries regarding his account.”

Well, alright. But the rep quoted different prices. Tushar wrote them down. He didn’t make them up. He couldn’t. He wouldn’t know enough about ‘unit charging’ to do so. No one other than an electricity rep would. Yes, he signed. Because the rep promised certain prices. Who is telling the truth here? Would he have agreed to what he now labels ‘inflated prices’?