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Jac Roper is editor for Convenience Store's Dear Jac column.

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  • Dear Jac

    This triple whammy has knocked the sector for six


    The living wage, business rates, plain packaging…and all at once…

  • Dear Jac card fraud
    Dear Jac

    A single clue


    Pay attention at the back – this is a good warning

  • Dear Jac

    Missing payments can certainly add up


    Failed direct debits will cost you dear with many suppliers

  • Dear Jac

    Sunday bloody Sunday


    Here we go again – what do you think?

  • Dear Jac

    Everybody has terms and conditions...


    …sometimes where you least expect them…

  • Dear Jac

    And some good news


    They do say no news is good news

  • Dear Jac

    Seeing off the competition


    Just because they are cheaper than you doesn’t mean you must suffer

  • Dear Jac

    Providing for your staff


    If you haven’t done so already, you will soon have to put a pension plan in place…

  • Dear Jac

    Great news about Londis lately...but not quite this time


    Not everyone gets on with the online ordering

  • Dear Jac

    Was there a gentlemen's agreement in place?


    If so, one of them isn’t playing by the rules…

  • Dear Jac

    There’s a relief – but rather thin on the ground


    What we need is a network of relief retailers so you can all have stress-free breaks

  • Dear Jac: Just doing a job
    Dear Jac

    Just doing a job


    I must put in a good word for Camelot - a service that most retailers have been keen to provide

  • Dear Jac

    Tra-la, it’s double trouble


    Once again I must repeat that, if you play a radio in your store, you need both a PRS and a PPL licence. I know this is a bit like telling an off-licensee that (s)he needs one licence to sell beer and another one to sell whisky but there you go.

  • Dear Jac

    Raffle query baffles us all


    You’re fed up with retailing and want out. No takers on the ‘for sale’ front, so can you raffle off your premises? This question was posed by Khalid Khawaja and I asked in this column (C-Store, July 22) whether anyone had successfully disposed of their business in this manner

  • Dear Jac

    Bill and Ben...a point of law


    My caller wishes to remain anonymous, purely from shyness I think. I’ll call him Ben since the story features the Old Bill. Ben is very polite. He says: “A gentleman called yesterday quite early. He told my dad, ‘You sold me a Tuesday copy of my…

  • Dear Jac

    Go where the buck stops: the top


    Kirit Ved, who runs Ved’s News in Stoke Newington, keeps an eye on his property because, as I reported some time ago, his local council had him in court and made him change his shopfront in keeping with its listed building status even though Kirit…

  • Dear Jac

    Another load of rubbish


    I’ve had another complaint about rubbish collection company PHS Wastetech, which appears to operate much like utilities companies in that it has a rolling contract which runs in 12-month cycles. It renews your contract from the anniversary date whether you agree to it or not

  • Dear Jac

    A crippling court case


    Can anybody out there help in this case? It is shocking and for obvious reasons my caller remains anonymous. A customer came into his store in Manchester a while ago and wanted to sign for purchases of less than a fiver. The retailer explained that…

  • Dear Jac

    The checks for online betting


    John Smith has been pondering the role of the internet in the sale of lottery tickets to the under-aged. He writes from Rockland St Mary PO in Norfolk: “We had a visit from Camelot with one of their underage testers just before the lottery closed at 7.30pm.

  • Dear Jac

    You must give as good as you get


    I’m sure retailers stuck in leasing arrangements with finance companies over failed photocopy firm Lanwall will be pleased to know that I have heard from Pam Hoffman, who campaigned on behalf of retailers for years, winning many judgements against Lanwall.

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