Here’s a nice new year’s tip for you. I trawled for feedback in the October 31 issue on energy company Utility Warehouse, which says it relies on word-of-mouth recommendations to gain customers, saves you money and doesn’t tie you into unexpected contracts.

A short while later I got a fax from Mukesh Patel, who trades in south-east London’s Forest Hill, which I now have space to pass on to you.

Mukesh writes: “I have been with Utility Warehouse for nearly a year. I have introduced a number of my friends and relations and each and every one has made savings and are very happy with the service.

“You do not have to sign a contract for a minimum period so can move out at any time. It has all the services on one invoice, ie telephone, broadband, light, gas and mobile as well.

“If anyone wants to join, they need to have invoices from all the above service providers for the previous months so that calculations can be made of how much saving can be achieved.

“I am quite happy to help anyone and they can contact me by email on,” he adds.