On the subject of PayPoint, I have been asked to point out that there is a crucial piece of information missing from the story in the last issue about George Mahay and his out-of-date flyer (Get it in writing but it may not help, C-Store, September 3).

You may remember that George had in his possession a flyer from PayPoint offering a free Chip & PIN pad, only to discover that the offer had long since expired and there was no such thing as a free pad anymore.

The issue has since been resolved, and as it happens George was never actually charged the £3.50 a week for Chip & PIN pad facility. When it was explained to him that the information sheet he had was four years out-of-date and that there has been a weekly rental for the Chip & PIN pad ever since, he declined the offer.

PayPoint head of corporate affairs Peter Brooker adds: "PayPoint does not levy charges that the retailer has not agreed to, or hasn't been informed about in advance."

So I hope that's all clear.